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Clive Owen Joins the Cast of Stephen King’s ‘Lisey’s Story’

by Waylon Jordan
Clive Owen Lisey's Story

British actor Clive Owen (Children of Men) will join previously announced Julianne Moore in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story. The limited series will air on Apple+ according to TheWrap.

This is Moore’s first starring turn on a TV series though she has appeared in supporting roles, and she will serve as executive producer on the show alongside King and JJ Abrams (Lost).

The series tells the story of Lisey who, two years after her husband’s death, comes face to face with a series of events which will force her to confront amazing realities about her husband which she had repressed.

The novel was released back in 2006 and was inspired after King came home from months in the hospital after he was hit by a van. While he had been away, his wife had decided to redesign his studio, and upon his return, he found his books and other belongings packed in boxes which made him think of what would happen after he died. The author has since named it one of his favorite works.

Moore will star as Lisey in the series and Owen will play her husband, Scott Landon.

Owen is a bit of a chameleon as an actor crossing genre lines on a regular basis, and it will be interesting to see him take on this particular role.

Lisey’s Story is set to air on Apple+ next year.