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Christina Ricci Gives Behind-the-Scenes Tour As Wednesday Addams

by Anthony Pernicka

Welcome Honored Guests

We just announced that Christina Ricci has wrapped filming her role in the upcoming Tim Burton Netflix series simply titled Wednesday.  Ricci will not be reprising her role as the sadistic youth we love so much, but we may have an idea of what role she is playing.

As we reported last year, Tim Burton was rumored to be eyeing Ricci to play the role of Morticia

I can’t wait to see the promotional photos that are sure to accompany the marketing for the new Netflix show.  The above photo is not from the new series but gives us an idea of how Ricci may look if, in fact, she is playing the role of Morticia.

All this talk about Christina Ricci re-entering the Addams’ world has all my nostalgic feels buzzing.  So when I ran across this 1993 clip of a young Ricci giving us a tour of the Addams family mansion, I had to share.

ET visited the set of ‘Addams Family Values’ in 1993 and Christina Ricci gave a behind-the-scenes tour in character as Wednesday Addams! Ricci takes us inside the Addams Mansion, and she points out where she and Pugsly can usually be found getting into trouble.

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