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‘Children of the Corn’ (2023) Interview with Kurt Wimmer, Elena Kampouris & Kate Moyer



Children of the Corn (2023) hit theaters this past Friday and will make its way to streaming on March 21st. This now eleventh installment takes place in a small town in Nebraska. A twelve-year-old girl, Eden Edwards (Kate Moyer), recruits other children and runs a bloody rampage, killing corrupt adults and anyone who opposes her.

Kate Moyer as Eden Edwards

The movie was filmed during one of the most challenging times to make a movie, the 2020 Covid pandemic. This new version of Children of the Corn provides a good depiction of what destructive consequences will come when everyone exercises greed-driven behavior. The eerie atmosphere and the cinematography brought to life by Cinematographer Andrew Rowlands adds to the tension of the film.

Elena Kampouris as Boleyn Williams

I had the opportunity to chat with Director/Writer Kurt Wimmer (Ultraviolet, Salt, Equilibrium), Elena Kampouris (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Jupiter’s Legacy, Sacred Lies), and Kate Moyer (It, Our House, When Hope Calls) on their experiences on Children of the Corn.

We touch upon the preparation for the film and their favorite scenes and discuss the messages regarding the environment sprinkled throughout the film’s plot. Of course, there is never enough time to ask every question, it was a real treat speaking with this group of talent, and I hope we see more of them in our genre.


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