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Chattanooga Film Festival 2021 Review: ‘An Ideal Host’ Is A Hilarious And Horrifying Dinner Party Gone awry

by Jacob Davison

Social gatherings are a touchy subject, especially nowadays. Getting invited by a friend or a friend of a friend to be at a party or meal can get awkward quick either by way of unfamiliarity with those around you or drama erupting or a fire breaking out. Anything can go wrong at a dinner party. Which is the premise of the hilarious horror comedy An Ideal Host!

Set in rural Australia, Liz (Nadia Collins) and Jackson (Evan Williams) live a simple life together in an incredibly cottage-core brand new cottage. Plans are set and put into motion, they’re having some of their closest friends over in order to unveil a big announcement! Little do they know however that an uninvited guest is going to derail their soiree and possibly put their lives in jeopardy!

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It’s going to be difficult to discuss this movie in its entirety without risking spoilers, so keep cautious as we dive in. Still, An Ideal Host was unexpectedly fun and hilarious! It’s the kind of story that not only plays with the horror genre, but other genres wrapped around it. The movie starts off as a more typical indie dramedy as Liz and Jackson prepare for their get together and everyone in their social circle’s quirks and bad histories wait in the wings, ready to explode in an array of awkwardness. The cast are mostly unknowns and they each do a good job of filling out the rest of the festivities and conflicts.

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If you’re here for the horror side fo this horror comedy, you will not be disappointed. Once things hit the fan it hits like guts through a fan. Stabbings, impalement, bone breaking and so much more! And while there is a fair amount of CGI, it is used sparingly along with some disturbingly realistic practical fx and compounded by visceral reactions from our cast of characters. The twist leading to this gory turn of events was a genuine shock to me and one I hope those going into An Ideal Host experience firsthand as well. Of course, being a minimal and low-budget horror comedy it’s not quite able to expand for the scope of the story it’s trying to tell, but for what it is, it works and managed to be pretty damn funny and scary. I recommend joining this deadly dinner party!