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Celebrate Labor Day With These Workplace Horror Movies



Long hours, low pay, problematic supervisors; no, this isn’t a list of today’s work conditions, but those of the employees 127 years ago. In fact, it’s because of their efforts to eradicate bad working conditions that we celebrate the first Monday in September as Labor Day.

A century ago, people, including kids, did not have workplace protections. Thanks to some people unions were formed to fight for workers’ rights and wages were eventually regulated to a minimum amount per hour. Labor Day not only celebrates those pioneers of the past, but those of today.

Below are some movies that feature a trade, but with a bloody or supernatural twist. Even though laborers fought for rights to stop people from working their fingers to the bone, Hollywood is full of ideas that expose many bones and work them into the plot. Happy Labor Day!

My Bloody Valentine (1981) or (2009)

You probably can’t get worse working conditions than in a coal mine. And can you imagine if your supervisors wandered off to go to a dance without checking the air for methane levels and then your burned to death in a huge explosion? Someone call their union rep!

This 1981 classic slasher is full of practical effects and plot twists. The 2009 remake isn’t bad either. So sit back, relax with a cold Michelada and ax yourself, “Is your job that bad?”

The Mangler (1995)

Probably second on the list for bad working conditions is laundry. Hot steam, hours on your feet, and having to press clothes, cotton sheets, and other fabrics is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Based on Stephen King’s short story of the same name, The Mangler tells the story of a steam press and all of its victims. If any movie were to represent why Labor Day exists it’s this one.

The Belko Experiment (2016)

What if you went to work one day at your corporate job and were instructed to start killing your fellow employees? That’s the premise of The Belko Experiment; a bloody, twisted horror movie full of surprises. People clock in, but they never clock out.

Last Shift (2020)

Here’s another workplace horror movie with an interesting premise. Fellow iHorror writer Kelly McNeely explains what it is about:

“It’s a fantastic film that places our heroine in a highly stressful work situation. Your first day on the job anywhere can be a little daunting, but for a cop working alone in a creepy, empty building, it’s an uncomfortable way to start your career. And that’s before the crazy phone calls start coming in. “

The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

It seems like the most morbidly relaxing job in the world: cutting open dead people to find out what killed them. It’s a quiet job that doesn’t require a lot of people. But in this movie, something is not right with the body. No, not internally but maybe eternally? This one has a great twist and some fine acting.

Session 9 (2001)

Clearing asbestos from an old insane asylum has many levels of scare. Session 9 is a classic horror film that explores this job with lots and lots of atmosphere. Some people consider this one of the most terrifying movies to come along since The Shining. We tend to agree, but HR has some explaining to do.

The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

This is not The Truman Show, although it has some similarities. Whereas The Jim Carrey classic explores what it’s like to live your life in a simulation, Cabin in the Woods takes that concept and runs with it. Lab technicians are in control of a forest setting where a group of teenagers are going to spend the weekend. The young adults are unknowingly presented with various legendary monsters as the people controlling the setting take bets on who will live. Some existential rhetoric ensues while blood and heads fly in this satisfying horror comedy.

Hopefully, you have the day off today and can at least catch one of these movies on a streaming device. We at iHorror would like to thank those who have to deal with the public every day and those who work hard to keep us safe and the middle class alive.


‘Scream’ Vibes Prevail In Kevin Willamson Co-Penned Story ‘Sick’ Movie Clip



Kevin Williamson hasn’t been too busy over the last few years. But it appears his ideas have. The new movie Sick which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was inspired by one of the stories he wrote.

Of course we know the Williamson brand. It was everywhere in 90’s horror. That slick storytelling mostly featured cat-and-mouse situations around final girls and unyielding slashers.

It looks like that sensation is back if we take anything away from the exclusive clip Collider proved today. According to the logline we are two getting young women holed up in a lake house during the pandemic. They think they’re alone, but it’s clear someone is out to get them.

Director John Hyams is behind the camera, and it seems he is sticking to that Craven/Williamson aesthetic where the camera moves seamlessly through the scene to focus on an object, dark colors are glossy and landscapes are uplit.

Sick is scheduled to release in Canada on Sept. 11, but that’s according to IMDb. As for the rest of the world, we’ll have to wait and see when it hits theaters.

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Great White Shark Movie ‘The Last Breath’ Shares First Image



It’s not even done yet and horror publications are already buzzing about the shark movie The Last Breath. Deadline reports that the film is in pre-production, but they managed to share an image of the film.

Director Joachim Hedén is no stranger to underwater thrillers. His 2021 movie Breaking Surface took place beneath the ocean as a woman tries to save her sister. Hedén is also a cinematographer so expect to see some striking visuals in his great white shark film. The movie is currently filming in Belgium.

Sharks have risen to the surface this past year. Although some are good and some are not-so-good, the original, Jaws, has people not afraid to back into the theater. The 47-year-old Spielberg film was re-released over the Labor Day weekend and sits at number five for overall domestic gross over the holiday.

There arguably hasn’t been a good shark movie since 2016’s The Shallows so we are hoping The Last Breath can breathe new life into the sea monster genre.

Plot of The Last Breath:

A group of old college friends reunite on a Caribbean scuba diving trip exploring the wreckage of a WWII battleship and find themselves trapped inside the underwater labyrinth of rusted metal surrounded by great white sharks

Breaking Surface trailer:

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Justin Long’s Great Horror Career Even Before ‘Barbarian’



Justin Long’s new movie Barbarian is creating quite the buzz, but this isn’t his first time at the horror movie rodeo. Long was originally supposed to replace Steve on the kid’s show Blue’s Clues back in 2002. That’s how non-threatening the actor’s face is. Through the years, Long has used that to his advantage in horror movies. He is so innocent looking that putting him in horrific situations makes perfect sense because he appears so boyish and likable.

We have gathered some of the 44-year-old’s best horror movie performances just in case you want to explore some of his earlier work before Barbarian.

Jeepers Creepers and Jeepers Creepers 2 (2001 & 2003)

Whatever you may think of this troubled franchise, in the beginning, Jeepers Creepers was a huge hit. The horror movie industry was craving a new movie monster and The Creeper answered that ten-fold. Long plays the handsome Darry who is driving across the country in a classic car along with his sister. They encounter a strange van on the highway and just when you think this going to be another Hitcher long-form chase film, it makes a horrifying left turn.

Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Sam Raimi must have noticed and liked Long’s performance in earlier films because he cast him as Clay Dalton, a frustrated young man whose girlfriend is being stalked by a vengeful witch. In true Raimi style, Drag Me to Hell is full of over-the-top visuals and terrifying special effects. Again, the wholesome Long is thrust into this world making him the perfect contrast to a supernatural powerhouse.

Tusk (2014)

Another prolific director, Kevin Smith, chose Long to star in his off-beat horror film Tusk. This weird shift for Smith is both comical and disturbing. Long plays an opinionated podcaster who goes to Canada to conduct an interview. What he doesn’t know is that the person he is interviewing has a plan to turn him into a walrus using human skin. No kidding.

Ghost Team (2016)

Although not a total disaster, Ghost Team is an amicable distraction. As the title implies this comedy/thriller follows a team of friends who want to investigate a reportedly haunted farm. What they find is more than they bargained for. Long plays a security guard who joins the team and may or may not survive the night.

House of Darkness (2016)

As meet-cutes go, this one is sinister. Long is a man who just wants to hook up with a beautiful woman. As things seem to be going in his favor, his date begins to act strangely. This is a reimagining based on a Bram Stoker novel. Although they don’t say which one in the trailer, you can probably guess without looking on IMDb.

Barbarian (2022)

Here’s one that has everyone talking this year. Many have suggested you stay away from the trailer just to give you an added layer of blindness. Some critics have said that the movie is not what you’re expecting, but it’s even better than you would hope. Zac Efron was supposed to play Long’s role originally, but thank goodness he turned it down because this one is already a classic.

Whether you consider Justin Long an A-list celebrity or an indie prince, his line-up of films is very impressive. As we start seeing him re-visit his horror origins in current films, let’s hope he keeps it up and gives us even more thrills. His latest movie Dear David is in post-production and tells the true story of a journalist haunted by a bean-headed child in his small apartment.

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