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Broad Green to Release New Amityville Film, “1974”



There are many horror franchises, much like the villain in a slasher movie, that appear dead but suddenly resurrects itself to stalk and/or haunt again. It would seem that the Amityville franchise is following in the footsteps of so many before it with a new film by Broad Green titled 1974.

According to Variety and Deadline Hollywood, this film will center around the events that set this whole thing in motion, the brutal murders of the DeFeo family by one of their own, Ronald DeFeo Jr. The film is inspired by true events and tells the story of a family “relentlessly stalked by a terrifying apparition intent upon slaughtering them all.”


The DeFeo family crime scene. Image courtesy of Variety.

While that seems like the standard trope of a supernatural horror movie, it makes me wonder if it will actually center around the DeFeo family themselves. The story is based off the night that Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot six family members (including child siblings) with a rifle in their sleep.

The actual murders themselves hold many mysteries from the DeFeo’s possible mob connections to why no one in the house seemingly woke up despite the sound of a .35 caliber lever action rifle booming at close range. The tragic event occurred in 1974 and a year later the Lutz family moved in before leaving all of their belongings due to alleged paranormal activity in the house in 1975.


The Lutz family. Image courtesy IMG Arcade

Given that timeline, it would only make sense that 1974 would follow a supernatural angle on the DeFeo murders, something that was hinted at in the Amityville Horror remake in 2005. Amityville: The Awakening was set to release this summer by the Weinstein Company but has since been pulled with no release date as of yet.

1974 is to be directed by Casey La Scala from a script that he wrote and produced by Eli Roth and Todd Garner. No official start date for production has been announced but a September date is being aimed for. Broad Green also recently produced the new horror movie Wish Upon, which is being released this Friday.

What do you think of yet another Amityville based horror movie? Let us know in the comments. Speaking of historical and horrific murders, it looks like Quentin Tarantino is tackling the Mason murders. You can read about that here.

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Watch Deleted Predator Tree Chase Scene From ‘Prey’



To celebrate the 4K UHD, Blu-ray™ and DVD release of last year’s movie Prey, 20th Century Studios has made available a deleted animated storyboard scene. In this clip, we see our heroine Naru in a foot chase with the Predator through the tree tops of the forest canopy.

The movie is already loaded with beautiful chase scenes and suspenseful set-ups but it is a shame we never got to see this one incorporated into the movie.

Prey came out on Hulu in 2022. It was a critical hit and fans seemed to love the unique stand-alone storyline. People did fall in love with Naru’s canine companion Sarii, whose real name is Coco. She had no previous film experience and was trained specifically for the movie.

The first video is the scene without commentary. The second one includes commentary from director Dan Trachtenberg.

With Commentary:

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‘Courtney Gets Possessed’ Looks Like The Satanic BFF Comedy of 2023



So your ex is the Devil himself and you’ve moved on to someone new. In fact, you are about to marry that person. But Satan is the jealous type and isn’t giving his blessing to this new arrangement. What to do? That is the premise of the new horror comedy Courtney Gets Possessed.

Just by watching the trailer, we get a sense this is a comedy about girl power and we love that. Last year My Best Friend’s Exorcism focused on one friend trying to eject a demon from her girlfriend’s soul, but in this movie, it looks like a whole wedding party gets involved.

I do!

The Plot:

With her nuptials on the line and the Prince of Darkness lurking close by, Courtney does her best to protect her childhood home on the eve of the wedding. But when her ne’er-do-well sister accidentally invites Satan inside (known more casually as Dave), he possesses Courtney – throwing a demonic wrench into her happily-ever-after plans. Courtney’s ragtag team of reluctant heroes including her sister, perfectionist best friend, and skeptical future sister-in-law must find a way to exorcise Dave, reclaim Courtney’s soul, and get her down the aisle with as little bloodshed as possible. 

“In Sickness and in Hell” takes on a whole new meaning in this diabolically fun and thrilling romp. Audiences will be left pondering the line between love and possession and what it means to give ourselves to others. Will Courtney’s wedding bells ring or will they be drowned out by the screams of the damned? 

Courtney Gets Possessed is written and directed by Jono Mitchell and Madison Hatfield. Produced by Hatfield and Jordan Blair Brown. Executive Produced by Stephen Beehler, Jegor Jersov, and Jono Mitchell. Cinematography by Brett A. Frager. Composed by Jordan Bennett. A Peach Jam Pictures production.

Courtney Gets Possessed will be available on digital and on Demand, Friday, November 3.

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Vomit Bags Handed Out in Theaters as ‘Saw X’ is Called Worse Than ‘Terrifier 2’




Remember all the puking folks were doing when Terrifier 2 was released in theaters? It was an incredible amount of social media showing folks tossing their cookies in theaters at the time. For good reason too. If you have seen the film and know what Art the Clown does to a girl in a yellow room, you know that Terrifier 2 wasn’t messing around. But it appears that Saw X is being seen a challenger.

One of the scenes that is apparently bothering folks this time is the one in which a guy has to perform brain surgery on himself in order to hack out a chunk of grey matter that weighs enough for the challenge. The scene is pretty brutal.

The synopsis for Saw X goes like this:

Hoping for a miraculous cure, John Kramer travels to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure, only to discover the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable. Armed with a newfound purpose, the infamous serial killer uses deranged and ingenious traps to turn the tables on the con artists.

For me personally, I still think that Terrifier 2 owns this crown though. It is gnarly throughout and Art is brutal and doesn’t have a code or anything. He just loves killin’. While Jigsaw deals in revenge or in ethics. Also, we see the vomit bags, but I haven’t seen anyone using em just yet. So, I’ll remain skeptical.

All in all, I gotta say I like both films since both are sticking with practical effects instead of going the cheapy computer graphics way.

Have you seen Saw X yet? Do you think that it rivals Terrifier 2? Let us know in the comments section.

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