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Blum & Hulu Unite For Original Anthology Series

by Timothy Rawles

Jason Blum is having the best year ever (we won’t count Truth or Dare). Not only is his production company behind the most anticipated horror film of the year, Halloween, he has struck a deal with Hulu to do an anthology series.

Hulu is already gearing up for the season by tweeting out the name of the first episode today called “The Body” which will premiere on October 5.

Hulu is no slouch when it comes to original programming lately. Their critically acclaimed Handmaid’s Tale just started its second season and its Stephen King universe inspired Castle Rock is scheduled to premiere this summer.

Although there are no writers or producers yet for this new Blumhouse project, according to an article by Variety published in January the series will contain standalone tales every Friday that will somehow subtly connect.

This is going to be a monthly format which will span 12 episodes, the first one of the as yet-to-be-titled anthology is scheduled to stream in October.

This will be the first project for Joel Stillerman who joined the Hulu team in May. He was previously at AMC Networks fielding original programming for that company as well as Sundance TV.

“If there’s been one guiding principle that is in place from the day I walked in the door, I wanted to look at that Hulu logo and remember that making TV for an over-the-top SVOD platform, if it isn’t today, is going to be a very different proposition than the approach to making television for what is still the majority of the landscape,” Stillerman said. “I wanted to focus on this question of what does it mean to make television for a place like Hulu.”

There is no denying that Netflix has upped its game to horror fans, in fact, three of their original films are up for iHorror Awards this year. But when it comes to other streaming services horror fans are stuck on the search button. Stillerman wants to change that at Hulu.

“At the heart of the deal is an extremely passionate audience and an extremely activateable audience in terms of horror,” Stillerman said. “It’s not even the larger bucket of ‘genre.’ I would say this falls squarely into the horror bucket. And it’s brought to us by, I would say in many ways that would be hard to argue, the consummate producers in that genre today.”

Blumhouse Television, is strengthening its sea legs with a new series for Showtime and another for USA and SyFy based on the popular Purge films.

Mr. Blum is renown for giving filmmakers artistic freedom in exchange for quicker a turnaround. Hulu is excited for this collaboration which they are calling innovative.

“We haven’t split the atom. But Hulu’s commitment to create episodic installments of an anthology series and to event-ize each of them,” said Marci Wiseman, co-president of Blumhouse Television, “you don’t get that kind of commitment from partners very often, and we’re really excited and enthused.”

Blumhouse Television co-president Jeremy Gold added, “It’s always exciting to do something that is different and innovative and grand and ambitious.”