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Ben Wheatley’s ‘The Meg 2’ Begins Filming This Week

A Ben Wheatley Shark Movie? Sold.

by Trey Hilburn III

The Meg was a big ole’ choice of a shark movie. The film went for the over the top approach to the sharkstravaganza. Steve Alten’s book by the same name was a much different approach. It was a lot more serious and a lot more based in science. Well, now director, Ben Wheatley is getting his chance to do it all over again with his very own Meg film with The Meg 2. Whatever the approach for the new film, the big shark sequel begins filming this week.

This is an interesting choice for Wheatley considering his films include A Field in England, High-Rise, Kill List, Down Terrace and more in that vein.

The second film will once again star Jason Statham in the same role. We can also expect to see a gigantic shark or two as well.

I usually just go with my gut, so if something comes across from my agent and I like it, then I just go for it. So this came up and I just went, ‘Oh, Christ! Meg 2, I’ll do that! That’s brilliant!’ Wheatley told Collider.