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Be a Kid Again With These Horror Movie Happy Meals

by admin

Nothing says childhood quite like McDonald’s Happy Meals, which were stuffed not just with greasy cheeseburgers and greasier french fries but also with collectible toys. Of course, Happy Meals are still a staple of the fast food chain, though most of you reading this are likely too old to enjoy the fun.

But what if McDonald’s put out a line of Happy Meals that weren’t intended for children, but us adults? And what if, by some magical force of nature, they decided to cater those boxes of french fried love directly to us horror fans? It would kind of be the greatest thing ever, wouldn’t it?

Of course, McDonald’s will never actually make Horror Movie Happy Meals, but artist Newt Clements has stepped in to make that whacky dream a reality. Putting his Photoshop skills to the test, the artist has whipped up his very own line of twisted Happy Meals, and we think you’re going to love them.

Check out Clements’ Horror Happy Meals below, which come packed with collectible action figures of our favorite horror movie icons. And when you’re done, sip on some Horror Movie Hi-C Flavors and cool off with Ben & Jerry’s Horror Movie Ice Cream!


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