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Artist Turns 80s Horror Movies into Coolest Children’s Books Ever

by admin

It’s always fun when artists take horror icons out of their established worlds and place them into far different worlds, whether they’re infused with Scooby Doo or mashed up with R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series. Now, they’ve become the stars of their very own children’s books.

BuzzFeed’s Andrew Pena is the man behind this particular art series, which turns iconic 80s horror movies into kid-friendly pieces of literature. Alien gets the Dr. Seuss treatment, for example, while killer dog Cujo takes the place of loveable dog Clifford.

Check out all of the hilarious mash-ups below, along with Pena’s comments on each of them!


This cute story will teach your child the value of friendship and how to transfer their soul into their favorite toy.


A heartwarming tale of how a young boy considers his rambunctious dog his best friend. That is, until the dog is bitten by a rabid bat and tries to kill everyone.


A group of young children experience their first sleep-away camp while their counselors have sex everywhere.


The perfect bedtime story for your little one who is afraid to go to sleep.


This book teaches the important lesson of listening to others, especially when it involves an alien species bent on destroying the human race.


The story of a boy who finds himself in a strange new environment, but passes his time making new friends who are dead.


A mysterious box falls into the hands of an unsuspecting young girl, which leads her to a land of imagination where pain is the greatest pleasure.


This adorable story follows the life of an ancient alien who can’t seem to satisfy its hunger for human imitation.


An exciting tale about two best friends who embark on a trip through Europe to experience a spiritual and physical transformation.


An excellent book for any boy who is experiencing changes in their appearance. It also teaches about self esteem and confidence when it comes to girls.