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Artist Derek Garcia’s Online Store Has Something for Every Horror Fan

by Waylon Jordan

Special effects make-up artist and creature creator Derek Garcia  has a whole line of creepy cool clothing available in his online store at Devious Elements Apparel sure to please even the most discerning horror fan.

The artist was featured on season three and thirteen of Syfy’s Face Off and designed iHorror’s own award statuette given in the annual iHorror Awards. He has a particular flair when it comes to putting new spins on classic monsters, creatures from folklore, and his own original creations.

Derek Garcia designed the iHorror Award presented at the iHorror Film Festival.

Now, some of those designs are wearable, and we’re sure you’ll want to order a few yourself! Take a look at the designs below. The merchandise comes on laptop backpacks, t-shirts, bomber jackets and more. You can see the full list by CLICKING HERE!

The Wolfman has never looked better with Garcia’s original spin on the creature. You can practically hear him howling and snarling under the full moon!

Frankenstein’s creation is brilliant in crimson red. You can just feel the electricity circling around him. The Doc would be so proud!

And who could forget the Gill Man, featured in his own underwater world. Surrounded by terrifying organic life, The Creature from the Black Lagoon has never looked more badass!

Drawing upon Japanese folklore and theater, the Hannya is the mask/character of a female demon popular in Noh theater. It represents a wide range of human emotions from fear to sorrow, and Garcia captured the image beautifully.

Some designs speak for themselves, and the longer you look at Garcia’s Bio Fem creation, the more you’ll see!

If aliens are more your style, take a look at this guy! We’re not sure what planet he’s from, but we definitely want to know more!

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