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Serial Killer ‘Artik’ is On the Hunt in Intense New Trailer

by Kelly McNeely

If you’ve been following the news on Artik — the upcoming indie horror film about a comic book obsessed serial killer — you’ll be pleased to know that it now has a release date, with a brand new trailer to celebrate. Strap in, kids. 

The film will premiere at the Popcorn Frights film festival on August 11th, but if you can’t make the trek to Fort Lauderdale, you can catch Artik on VOD and Blu-ray as of September 10th. 

Written and directed by Tom Botchii, Artik stars Chase Williamson (John Dies At the End, The Guest), Lauren Ashley Carter (Darling, The Woman), Jerry G. Angelo (Warfighter), and Matt Mercer (Beyond the Gates, Contracted).

The film is set on a secluded farm in the middle of nowhere, where a serial killer preys on his victims while teaching his son how to follow in his footsteps. In the dark of night, the young boy strays from home and meets a man, Holton, with the power to help. As Holton gains the boy’s trust, he realizes that the boy may not be the only one in danger.

From the gorgeous poster art to the gnarly-as-hell torture chair, Artik has been giving us some great reasons to get excited for the film’s release (through Epic Pictures and DREAD). The music’s pounding, the blood is flowing, and chaos is coming. 

You can check out the brand new trailer below.