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‘Ankle Biters’ Follows 4 Adorable Young Girls Out For Revenge

Sugar & spice and everything deadly!

by Timothy Rawles

Ankle Biters (aka Cherrypickers) is a cautionary tale about letting your kink accidentally get away from you.

A sibling group of four young girls is suspicious of their mom’s new boyfriend, Sean (Zion Forrest Lee) after they overhear some consensual rough bedroom play which they misinterpret as an attack on their mom.

They hatch an elaborate plan to kill their potential new stepdad and avenge their mother Laura (Marianthi Evans).  This horror-comedy is set to hit VOD and DVD on November 16, 2021.

"Ankle Biters"

“Ankle Biters”

This film was produced and filmed in Canada two years ago and underwent a name change. The four child actors in the movie are sisters in real-life and use their real names.

The concept seems intriguing and the setting looks beautiful, but we’ll have to wait and see if this film can effectively deliver on its unique premise.

Until then, here is the official trailer. And as always, tell us what you think.


Sean, a pro hockey enforcer, has fallen in love with Laura, a widowed mother of four young daughters. When Laura’s children mistake an act of lovemaking as an attack, they plot to protect their mother at all costs and with horrific results.

Director: Bennet De Brabandere

Cast: Zion Forrest Lee, Marianthi Evans, Lily Gail Reid, Violet Reid, Rosalee Reid, Dahlia Reid

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