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‘American Horror Story’ Shares a Tease and Begins Filming Season 10

by Trey Hilburn III

American Horror Story has taken fans through the motions. The anthology based series has gone down the genre paths of nine different season. Each, path leading us to sub-genres that range from 80’s slashers to witch covens and everything in between. Now it looks like American Horror Story’s tenth season has started production.

Creator, Ryan Murphy took to Instagram to share some scary demonic fishman looking teeth along with a message to update fans.

“Looks like American Horror Story Season 10 is go for an October (fitting) production launch. Thanks to everyone who is working hard to assure a safe start for the cast and crew. And yes this is a clue.” Murphy wrote.

There is still no word on what theme the tenth season will go with. We do know that it may be taking place at the seaside. That fact combined with the fishy Dagon looking teeth Murphy posted leads us to believe that this next season will be H.P. Lovecraft and aquatic horror inspired.

That is speculation of course. However, the seaside and the teeth, along with the fact that Lovecraft has recently become a trend are all good indicators.

What do you guys think the 10th season of American Horror Story will be about? Let us know in the comments section.


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