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Relive Some Of Your Favorite Nightmares At The 4DX Horror Fest

by Jacob Davison

If you’re looking for some horror movies to watch or rewatch with an eye-popping experience, here’s the event for you! In Los Angeles at the Regal LA Live Theater, they’ll be holding a 4DX horror themed festival! You can see some fairly recent releases including Stephen King’s IT (2017), The NunAnnabelle: Creation, and JIGSAW. All franchise films, one week only, and all presented in the wonders of 4DX Cinema.

As a fan of old school horror movies,  the William Castle style gimmicks like this are something that has my attention as we get closer to Halloween. Castle was known for his horror movies like The Tingler13 Ghosts, and The House On Haunted Hill. But he was more known for the accompanying gimmicks to his films. Be it The Tingler and seat shocking Percept-O to The House On Haunted Hill‘s Emergo, featuring a floating ghost skeleton in your theater, they just delivered the extra punch that made horror movies more intense, more in your face. Which isn’t even going into the 3D elements that have been persistent in genre cinema over the decades, and while interest has wavered here and there, it has never stopped being a staple for events such as this. And with 4DX, now the experience is even more visceral. With moving seats, smoke, lights, and even smells, its like having all those gimmicks rolled up into one for more fun.


Having done 4DX before, it’s always been an entertaining experience. It never ceases to add an extra punch to the movie shown, especially genre fare in horror, science-fiction, and most definitely action. And with the Horror Fest coming up, it’s far more accessible, with each movie only costing 10 dollars per admission! So, if you want to feel like you’re in the horror yourself, check out the 4DX Horror Fest!