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It Sounds Like Wolf Creek 3 is Still In the Cards

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It’s a good time to be a Wolf Creek fan. It’s hard to believe that the original film is over a decade old, but the sequel, which reached U.S. audiences less than two years ago, proved to be quite a welcome treat.

Then, fans learned that they would be getting more Mick Taylor in the form of a six-part series headed straight to Australian streaming service Stan. In December, we got our first look at that.

The project, which has been described as a self-contained mini-series, follows Eve, a young American whose family was murdered by Taylor, as she seeks revenge on the killer. It’s due out sometime in mid 2016.

But the Wolf Creek franchise won’t end there. As we reported last year (and McLean has actually hinted at as far back as early 2014), Taylor should be back for a third film.

Star John Jarratt spoke with Manly Movie and mentioned that Wolf Creek 3 was in the works. He was quoted as saying:

“It’s being developed, should shoot it next year. Great plot, secret of course.”

Not long after that, The Daily Mail shared more from Jarratt:

“There are a lot of things left for him to do and places for Mick to go as a character…We saw the opportunities in the second movie but I don’t want to go into detail (on the third)…It’s best to keep that kind of thing to ourselves so the audience gets a surprise.”

Jarratt said he and McLean have begun early talks about the plot and path of Wolf Creek 3

We haven’t heard much else about a third film in quite some time, but based on a new Forbes interview with McLean, it sounds like at least another film is still very much in the cards:

McLean recently directed the last episode of Wolf Creek, a six-part spin-off of his two horror movies which starred John Jarratt. Commissioned by Australian streaming service Stan, the series stars Vampire Academy’s Lucy Fry as Eve, an American tourist whose family is attacked by Jarratt’s serial killer Mick Taylor. Eve survives, rebuilds her shattered existence and vows revenge . Tony Tilse directed the first five episodes, produced by McLean’s Emu Creek Pictures and Banijay-owned Screentime. Banijay International will launch the series at Mip TV. While the series is self-contained this may not be the end of Mick Taylor as McLean says, “There are more stories to tell.”

That’s as much as we get. It could be more movies or more series on Stan (hell, we could even get more books), but either way, many of us will welcome more Mick Taylor into our lives any way we can get it.

As good of a time as it is to be a Wolf Creek fan, it’s an even better time to be a Greg McLean fan. Beyond all of this, his next film The Darkness (previously titled 6 Miranda Drive) is scheduled for release on May 13, and his film The Belko Experiment (penned by James Gunn) is awaiting a release date, which Forbes reports will be determined after MGM sees the final cut. But that’s not all!

A couple years ago we learned that McLean was attached to Jungle (which like The Darkness is reportedly to star Kevin Baconand/or Daniel Radcliffe). This is a survival thriller based on this guy’s real story.

The Forbes piece reports that McLean will be working on prepping that project next week. McLean has also developed a 10-hour series called The General, which he reportedly hopes to start shooting in January. He also wrote and will executive produce a thriller called One Foot Wrong.

So brace yourself for a whole lot of McLean! Of course with all of this going on, who knows when he’ll actually get back to Wolf Creek. I’m just glad it’s still on his mind.