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Watch Classic Horror Movies in a Creepy Abandoned Zoo!

The Horror Equity Fund

Written by John Squires

If you’ve ever wanted to live inside your very own Friday the 13th movie, look no further than The Great Horror Campout. Set inside California’s (allegedly haunted) Griffith Park, the event is a 12-hour, overnight experience designed to replicate the horror of being stalked by monsters and madmen at a summer camp, and it’s described as both interactive and highly immersive.

This year, Ten Thirty One Productions brings a trio of horror movie screenings to Griffith Park as part of their Great Horror Movie Nights series, a companion to the Great Horror Campout event that allows you to watch your favorite flicks in a creepy abandoned zoo. The fun kicked off this past weekend with a screening of Poltergeist, and continues on April 1st with The Shining.

On Friday, May 13th, Friday the 13th completes the spooky trifecta.

Tickets are just $15, and you can learn more on the Great Horror Movie Nights website.

Griffith Park Old Zoo is located on 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, in Los Angeles, California.