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The Warrens And Bobby Kennedy

Like many of you, I was terrified by James Wan’s The Conjuring. The tale of ghostly horror based on actual accounts about Ed and Lorraine Warren, noted supernatural investigators, particularly in New England. With the sequel released this weekend, I thought I should share a rather bizarre connection between my own family, The Warrens, and a paranormal event with a historical spirit…


In the early 70’s, my mother lived in Connecticut when The Warrens did a presentation at a youth group convention for teens all over the state held at an old lodge. She and her friends, interested by the wave of supernatural based films at the time, decided to attend. There, they saw slideshows from Ed and Lorraine of their various cases. Much like the first film, they displayed their brushes with all manner of paranormal phenomenon, from haunted houses to cursed objects. Even discussing contacting the other side. At the time, the spiritual board game Ouija was at an all-time high in popularity, especially for groups. As my mother told me, back then it was a good way to beat boredom. As so many horror movies begin.


Not long after, she and her teenage friends engaged in a cross-country bus trip, ending up in Los Angeles, California. Staying at none other than The Ambassador Hotel, where Robert Francis “Bobby” Kennedy was tragically assassinated on June 6, 1968 during his campaign for the Democratic nomination. With thoughts still focused on what The Warrens lectured on, the spiritual realm, and the calamity that befell such an idealistic politician, they decided to unbox a Ouija Board and try to make contact. Again, idle hands.


They set up the Ouija board complete with a single candle illuminating the darkened hotel room. They asked if there was anyone there. They got a ‘YES’. They asked if it was RFK. They also got a ‘YES’. They asked how he died. Then things got truly weird. The flame of the candle seemed to form a pair of hands, clapping… before forming a gun. The flame on the candle’s wick burst with a “POP”, extinguishing the light and terrifying the curious teens. Needless to say, they boxed the Ouija Board up.

And if you’re interested in experiencing accounts of phantasmal phenomenon, watch THE CONJURING 2 this weekend!