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Unboxing NECA’s ‘Aliens’ Deluxe Vehicle Power Loader P-5000

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Perhaps one of the most intense and bad-ass movie battles of all time goes to Ripley vs. the Queen Alien in James Cameron’s Aliens. Ripley strapped herself into a Power Loader – a futuristic crane type of vehicle used for heavy lifting – and shouted one of the most memorable lines, “Get away from her, you bitch!” to save Newt. Having previously released a giant Queen Alien and a 7″ Ripley, you can now plop her in this latest deluxe vehicle from NECA!

This beast is seriously detailed and has some weight to it and stands at over 11″ tall. The arms and legs are fully articulated (adding up to thirty points of articulation total) for plenty of poses, includes a set of interchangeable hands for Ripley to get in there and grab control and there is even a whole mess of cables and hoses and one of my favorite little details about it is all the working pistons. Too bad the light on the top doesn’t light up, but I’m just nitpicking.

_MG_9587 _MG_9590

No fancy artwork on the box, just a picture of what’s inside. So let’s have a look, shall we?

_MG_9611 _MG_9608 _MG_9601 _MG_9597 _MG_9598 _MG_9596 _MG_9595 _MG_9593

Overall, this is a pretty solid vehicle and an absolute must for your Aliens collection. The attention to detail is absolutely astounding and looks like it would really be fully operational. This motha is available now, but will cost you around $100, which is a pretty hefty price tag (but then again, a lot of hard work went into recreating this machine as accurate as possible). So if you want to accurately recreate that epic final battle, you should definitely get yourself one!