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Unboxing NECA ‘Alien’ 1/4 Scale Xenomorph

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Oh my goodness. I love Alien, but now I feel like I have a damn Xenomorph in my house! This is one of the most beautifully sculpted figures I have seen in some time and also one of the scariest, as thing towers over wherever you put it and seems to be watching you from the shadows of your home. NECA has really outdone themselves with their latest monster of a figure in the Alien line with the 1/4 scale Xenomorph. You can imagine my surprise when a packaged showed up at my door containing this monster. I felt like little Andy Barclay unwrapping his Good Guys doll.


To put that in a better perspective for you, it stands at nearly two feet tall! Yes, this thing is as big as a house cat or a baby.

_MG_9808 _MG_9811 _MG_9847

Not only that, but the figure has about 3o points of articulation, a fully bendable tail and a hinged jaw that opens to reveal an extendable inner mouth. To be honest, I had a little trouble reaching my fingers in there and getting the mouth out, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. I’ve also always liked the semi-translucent dome over the Xeno’s skull, but I can’t but notice his eye sockets are empty. How does he see? Clearly I am joking as we learned from Alien: Resurrection that Xeno’s with eyeballs are just really silly looking and drawing attention to the magnificent H.R. Giger creature design that NECA has wonderfully brought to life.

_MG_9815 _MG_9817 _MG_9820 _MG_9846

The attention to detail is beyond phenomenal and this is one bad-ass bug. You can readily pick one up now for about $100. If you pick one up and feel like something is stalking you from the dark corners of your home, then you’ll be glad you bought this Alien figure.

Not even the coldhearted Alien can resist the charms of Chippy.
Not even the coldhearted Alien can resist the charms of Chippy.