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Torch Announced To Return For Puppet Master: Axis Termination

The Horror Equity Fund

Written by Patti Pauley

As the Indiegogo campaign for Puppet Master: Axis Termination is on the brink of hitting its goal, big news was announced in celebration yesterday on Charles Band’s personal Facebook account. With classic characters like Blade, Jester, Pinhead, Tunneler and Leech Woman returning to thrill dedicated fans and general audiences alike; The announcement of another fan favorite was revealed much to our delight!





The beloved puppet with a serious flame fetish, hasn’t been in a Puppet Master film since his appearance in the fifth installment in the series. Torch was first introduced in Puppet Master 2, after Andre Toulon was raised from the dead. The arsonist little devil’s breath of life came to fruition slightly different from his comrades by means of a spell rather life-giving injections. Which has led to much speculation among loyalists of the franchise as to whether Torch is some fire hungry demon, or the soul of Neil Gallagher (the primary antagonist in the original film). According to the official Full Moon trading cards, the soul that resides inside the tiny beast is that of Peter Hertz. Though, that leads to some confusion as the character appears in Puppet Master: Legacy.


Regardless, he’s one mean pile of metal.


I love to be the one to point out Torch is the only little bastard from the franchise to ever kill a child. This guy gives zero shits and therefore has been dubbed by fans as the executioner of the little group of hellions.

If you’d like to contribute to the Axis Termination campaign to get this film off the ground, you can do so by clicking here! With only a few days left to reaching the goal, it’s certainly cutting it close! So head on over, and grab some cool perks while helping fund another round of shenanigans for Blade and the gang.