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Haunted New Orleans

The Haunted Traveler: Haunted New Orleans

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In our first month of Haunted Traveler, we traveled to Asia to visit the most haunted places in Hong Kong. This month, let’s hop across the pond from Asia to another place of magic, superstition, and murder. I’m talking about haunted New Orleans.

You may have read iHorror’s past article on famous murderers of New Orleans, and you may see some familiar names because where there’s murder, there’s a breeding ground for ghosts. Let’s jump right in!

LaLaurie Mansion-1140 Royal St.

Haunted New Orleans
(Image credit: Patrick Keller of The Big Seance Podcast)

Many will know this name. As one of the villains of American Horror Story: Coven, Delphine LaLaurie was brutal, sick and twisted and unfortunately a real person. Many of the actions carried out in the show of Delphine’s sick past are based in fact.

The Big Séance did a podcast episode on her crimes and inevitable capture. I recommend taking a listen.

From torture, to murder, to possible desecration of corpses, this woman was a monster. She owned a number of slaves and many were found chained to the wall and it is said that body parts littered her hidden torture room.

Her mansion, built in 1832, still stands on Royal St. Strange sounds are heard and images appear both inside the home and outside on the street.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1- 425 Basin St.

Haunted New Orleans
(Image credit: pinterest.com)

One of the many gorgeous cemeteries in New Orleans, this one is the most famous and said to be one of the most haunted in the country. Due to the bowl shape of the city causing it to be below sea level, all graves are above ground.

The most famous grave in the cemetery is that of The Witch Queen of New Orleans, Marie Leveau, Many flock to her grave because it is said that if you knock three times, draw “xxx” on her grave, knock three more times and leave an offering, your wish will be granted.

Haunted New Orleans
(Image credit: pinterest.com)

So many came to visit that the Archdiocese closed it to the public in 2015 and a special permit is needed to enter. Specially licensed tour guides can take tourists into the cemetery.

Hotel Monteleone- 214 Royal St.

Haunted New Orleans
(Image credit: hauntedrooms.com)

This hotel was built in 1886 and remains one of the last family owned hotels in the country. Its most famous amenity is its carousel bar, which houses spirits of many kinds. Apparitions are often seen to appear (and disappear) at the bar.

Haunted New Orleans
(Image credit: criollonola.com)

Many children died of yellow fever in the hotel and are seen playing in the halls. Others have seen old employees still working and doors open and close on their own.

Lafittes Blacksmith Shop-941 Bourbon St.

Haunted New Orleans
(Image credit: asergeev.com)

Being the oldest bar dating back to around 1722, this location is no stranger to history. Started by notorious pirate Jean Lafitte, it was thought to be a front for his smuggling business. With a history that long, it would be hard to think that some patrons didn’t stick around.

So grab a drink, sit in the candlelit tavern, and if you wait long enough, you just might see Jean Lafitte himself.

The Jimani House- 141 Chartres St.

Haunted New Orleans
(Image credit: chattyentertainment.com)

The Jimani House holds a tragedy in its past. It used to be called the UpStairs Lounge and was a popular spot for the gay community. On June 24, 1973 the club was targeted by an arsonist taking the lives of 32 patrons.

Haunted New Orleans
(Image credit: New Orleans Times-Picayune via time.com)

Those who visit the location in modern day claim to hear the cries and pleas of the fire victims to not be forgotten.

New Orleans Pharmacy Museum- 514 Chartres St

Haunted New Orleans
(Image credit: nolavie.com)

This originally was a pharmacy opened by Louis Joseph Dufilho, Jr. in 1816. He provided medicine and voodoo for those too embarrassed to go elsewhere. When Dufilho, Jr. retired, he sold the business to a Dr. Dupas.

Dupas used the pharmacy to reportedly do grotesque and bizarre experiments on pregnant slaves in the area. It is unknown to what extend his experiments were carried. It is said that Dupas’ children that died in the pharmacy are seen playing outside.

Haunted New Orleans
(Image credit: pinterest.com)

The museum is also host to poltergeist activities such as things being moved and thrown and alarms going off.

We’re going to jump out of haunted New Orleans a bit to include one of the most haunted places in the country:

Myrtle’s Plantation- St. Francisville, LA

Hautned New Orleans
(Image credit: commons.wikimedia.org)

Not quite a hop, skip or jump from New Orleans at 111 miles away, but many Haunted Travelers make a point to pass through this location before they hit haunted New Orleans. Myrtle’s Plantation has been investigated by famous ghost hunters from the likes of T.A.P.S and Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventure’s crew.

The plantation was built in 1796 by General David Bradford. Passing through several hands means many have died in the house both by illness and murder. Many see apparitions in the windows, hear footsteps, and is said to house 12 ghosts.

Haunted New Orleans
(Image credit: Patrick Keller of The Big Seance Podcast)

Even Unsolved Mysteries got their hands in the Myrtle’s Plantation pot and it was said they had technical difficulties while filming. It is currently a bed and breakfast and would make a great resting spot if driving to haunted New Orleans. Big Seance also visited the plantation on their trip and made an episode on it as well.

Unfortunately I can’t include all of the amazing locations where spirits dwell in haunted New Orleans and some honorable mentions I wouldn’t miss in my travels include: the Gardette-Lepretre Mansion, The Beauregard-Keyes House, Muriel’s Séance Lounge, Arnaud’s Restaurant and Le Pavillion Hotel.

Don’t forget to check in on the first of every month for a new haunted location.  What city would you like to see us visit? Let us know in the comments!

(Featured image courtesy of Ghost City Tours)