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The Dead Bunny Book Is The Coolest Easter Gift For Any Horror Fan

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Written by Patti Pauley

When you think Easter, obviously one of the first things to come to mind is the iconic little fuzz-ball of a bunny. Which in turn of course, comes along the traditional chocolate Easter bunny inserted in those carefully made baskets for kiddies. I mean, hell; Any holiday with an excuse to gorge on chocolate has my approval.

Now as for chocolate Easter bunnies, have you ever pictured in your mind different hilarious ways to kill a chocolate bunny? Probably not, right? Of course, they aren’t living entities, but just humor me throughout this article. It’s actually pretty damn funny and a clever way to showcase death. Author and photographer Russell Dreher, began what he refers to as the “bunny project”, after what was actually a prank. Per the website:

“My friend left me a present of numerous small chocolate bunnies on a Ouija board in my living room.  They were arranged to spell out a message from the beyond.  Later, my friend began to pester me about how many I had eaten.  As a level 4 chocoholic, he was aghast that for over two weeks I didn’t eat a single one.  He asked me everyday, and I kept saying that I hadn’t touched them. Finally, I decided that I would have to start eating them, and that I would send him a picture of each one and how it died, before I ate it.  Thus, the bunny project was born.

While creating the first few images, I realized that this was also a way to explore death and have a forbidden giggle about many of the ways that death can occur.  The chocolate bunnies took some of the horror away from death.  They even made it very funny at times.  I started to show the pictures to people I knew, and they would laugh.  Some outright enjoyed the laughs. Some were appalled at themselves for laughing.  But the bunnies broke through and brought out varied reactions from my friends.”




Thus creating The Dead Bunny Book. The photo gallery of macabre focuses on in fact real-life death situations with humorous little back stories. The book does indeed offer some comic relief in every sense, and the fuzzies for anyone with a morbid curiosity. Along with the release of the book, which you can purchase on Amazon here, the official website also offers some pretty cool merch in the form of Dead Bunny t-shirts, mugs, and posters alongside said book.

Deadbunny on both Twitter and Instagram showcases hilarious scenarios of horror movie parodies replacing horror icons with of course, Disney Princesses reimagined as bowls of water… Kidding of course, but couldn’t resist. Of course chocolate bunnies! Check out these few gems of examples..












Make sure to follow the links above for more Dead Bunny shenanigans and buy the book if this intrigues your morbid curiosity. Or fuck, if you just want to see chocolate bunnies get slaughtered. Either way, it would make a great book and conversational piece for your living room coffee table! Happy Horror Easter!