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Like almost all horror films – if the movie does well at the box office you can almost always count on a sequel around the corner.  The Conjuring is of no exception.

The Conjuring is dominating at the box office right now and is well on its way to being the fourth highest grossing supernatural horror film ever.

The Conjuring Director James Wan

The movie surpassed $100 million at the North American box office during its third weekend in theaters.

The milestone was announced Sunday by Dan Fellman, president of domestic distribution for Warner Bros. Pictures.

So what would a sequel look like – another case file from the Warren’s library.


According to AICN, the case file they’re looking at occurs in the late ’70s and centers on two sisters in Enfield, England, who were allegedly possessed. Warren said she personally saw them levitate and even saw one of the sister dematerialize in front of her only to be found 20 minutes later stuffed into an oversized fuse box, contorted in such an unnatural way that they couldn’t have replicated it if they tried.

She also said that the demon spoke directly to her husband on many occasions. Warren cited this case as one of the most terrifying experiences of her career.

What do you think?  Do you want to see more of the Warren’s case files made into movies?

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    • I’m wondering what makes you think it’s a terrible movie? I watched it in the theater and, as a scary movie enthusiast myself, thought it wasn’t bad at all! In fact it was beautifully shot and the miminal special effects made it even better to watch. In case you didn’t know, this movie was a throw back to the scary movies of the early ’70s. So it wasn’t meant to look or feel modern, or unrealistic with the ridiculous special effects most horror flicks have these days. With that said, please enlighten us on what made it a “terrible horror movie” …I’m curious to know!

      • I couldn’t agree more with you, Matt! I thought it was a fantastically done horror movie, one of the better horror movies I have seen lately. You certainly don’t need a lot of special effects to make a good scary movie. The actors were fantastic. I couldn’t have been happier, and scared, seeing this movie. I highly recommend it.

  1. I strongly disagree with all the people who say this is a horrible movie. What would you consider a great horror movie? I’m curious…

  2. it was a terrible movie nothing in it made me jump, scream, or anything i was expecting a good movie from the previews i had seen and it was a huge dissappointment. i am a huge horror movie fan since the age of five and it was about as bad as watching them stupid ghost hunter shows on tv except i had to pay to go see it. The only good thing was none of the overboard special effects but thats it. This movie was just as bad as all the paranormal series and the last exorcism a joke and nothing more than a waste of money thats what made it a horrible horror movie . There was really no storyline to it for being based on true events it jumped all over the place, even the “scary parts” were boring.

  3. People will get scared by the most simple things in life. As long as they live their lives by the Lord and believe in the bible then they should have no troubles to bother them. I am drawn to “scary” movies because I like to walk on the other side of life and know that evil can’t get through God’s work. I’m intrigued to see the sequel (as always).

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