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Could This Be the Most Terrifying EVP Ever Recorded?

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The Conjuring 2 is set open in theaters on Friday, June 10. This real-life inspired story has photographic evidence to back up its claims.

But did you know there is a terrifying EVP that exists of another case in New York City?

Back in 2007 The Central New York Ghost Hunters (CNYGH) were invited by the owners of an undisclosed hotel in Upstate New York to investigate the premises because of strange goings-on.

The CNYGH is one of the oldest paranormal investigating teams on the east coast.

On Friday night lead investigator at the time Stacey Jones arrived at the more than 200-year-old building and along with her team began to set up equipment including video recorders, audio recorders and other high-tech paranormal investigative tools.

The team hoped they would record something, but they weren’t expecting anything like the Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) they captured (audio on next page).

For those that don’t know, EVPs are sounds present on digital recording devices that may not be present, or audible to the naked ear upon recording.

On Saturday afternoon, two female investigators and one of the hotel’s owners decided to take vigil on a stairway; they had chosen the spot because earlier they heard voices, footsteps coming from the empty floor above.

As they settled in and pushed record, all hell broke loose around them and they wouldn’t understand the full extent of what they had recorded until later.