Supposedly Real Poltergeist Activity On Video


I was browsing around on YouTube the other day when I ran across the channel of mellowb1rd.

He had some interesting videos of some strange paranormal activity.  It looked pretty real – this could just be that accents make people sound more legit to me lol.

On his YouTube channel he has a trailer of sorts from a bunch of his videos.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  Is this guy legit?

BTW: having his YouTube trailer start out with a look very similar to The Blair Witch Project doesn’t bode well for the validity of the rest of his vids…. just say’n

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  1. those videos arent real.. ive seen them on youtube before. he has other videos showing you how he does this stuff to make it look real, he wears a green suit and does ALOT of editing and there are alot of strings involved….looking it up will only satisfy yourself…hense why hes so calm when all that stuffs happening because any other person would be freaking out and running.

  2. These vids do not look real, although most of them would leave a person not familiar with the paramormal speechless and in awe. And like Mike said, if a person had this happening in their house, they would not just sit there, calm. He shows no reaction to what is going on. The opening, “Blair Witchy”, yeah….not cool, and I immeditately think fake.

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