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Slamming Morgue Door

Cops Investigate Slamming Morgue Door in Empty Hallway

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Working the graveyard shift in many professions can be the worst. Working the graveyard shift as a cop in a possibly haunted morgue sits at a high position on that list. There is a video circling the internet out of Brazil of a possibly haunted slamming morgue door.

Slamming Morgue Door
(Image credit: unilad.co.uk)

The video had me at morgue door. The door in question isn’t a door to a cooler drawer but to what looks like an emergency door of some kind in the hallway, located in the heart of Nopetown. In the video you can hear the sound of the door slamming repeatedly and see the red door open and close.

The officers move down the hall slowly with the flickering mood lighting to see what’s causing the door to bang. Check it out.

As you can see, it’s pretty creepy. Is it real or is it a pretty good hoax? Some Youtubers think they can see a wire inside the door that is causing the door to slam. However, it’s completely in Portuguese, so I don’t think my middle school Spanish will help me on this one.

Slamming Morgue Door
(Image credit: fraghero.com)

What do you think is making the slamming morgue door move? Is that morgue really haunted or was it a hoax? Let us know in the comments. Tomorrow the iHorror Awards voting closes, so get over there and vote!

(Featured image courtesy of unilad.co.uk)