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Clever Shining Shower Curtain Recreates Room 237’s Bathroom

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Written by John Squires

There are a handful of horror movie moments that will forever be etched into my brain, and several of them came courtesy of The Shining. From the dead Grady twins to whatever the hell that blowjob bear thing was, Kubrick’s horror masterpiece is loaded with iconic imagery, to say the very least.

Another unforgettable moment from the film comes when Jack Torrance enters the Overlook Hotel’s mysterious Room 237, wherein he has an encounter with a dead woman in the bathroom. Surely you remember the scene, and now you can relive that nightmare every time you take a shower.

Courtesy of Rage On! comes the brand spankin’ new “Shining Shower Curtain,” which quite literally transforms your bathroom into Room 237’s bathroom. The simple-yet-brilliant bit of mindfuckery is guaranteed to spice up your trips to the bathroom, and it’s sure to freak out visitors.

With any luck, it’ll prevent them from ever coming back!

Check out the awesome home decor below and order yours today for $79.84.


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