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New Holiday Horror Short Film Unwraps a Christmas Presence

The Horror Equity Fund

Written by John Squires

Ohio-based filmmaker Henrique Couto already has an impressive 17 directorial credits on his IMDb resume, including recent horror films like Scarewaves, Haunted House on Sorority Row, and Babysitter Massacre. The young filmmaker is nothing if not prolific, and this week he unleashed a brand new short.

There’s no shortage of Christmas horror films to choose from this time of the year, but if you’ve already seen Black Christmas and all the other classics and you’re looking for something new to enjoy, Couto’s latest effort should fit the bill. It’s titled Christmas Presence, and I think you can tell where this is going.


Shot in beautiful 4K, the short centers on a young woman who takes over a babysitter gig from a sick friend. As it turns out, the family is absolutely obsessed with Christmas, but when the woman spots a decoration in their home that doesn’t quite fit in with all the others, well, that’s when things get a little spooky.

Pour yourself a glass of egg nog and enjoy Christmas Presence below!