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“She Kills” – A Girl and Her Satanic Vagina Seek Revenge

Written by Brian Linsky

She Kills is a 1970’s style grindhouse sexploitation film at its finest. By finest, I mean the most offensive, distasteful, and demented film I’ve seen in a while, and I recently reviewed Night of Something Strange.

Written and directed by Ron Bonk, She Kills is an adventurous ride down a dark and dangerous path of vulgarity and gore.

The action picks up when young newlyweds Sadie (Jennie Russo) and Edwin (Kirk LaSalle) have their outdoor rendezvous crudely interrupted by a member of the Touchers, a violent gang of shit-kicking sexual delinquents.

She Kills
Sadie encounters Reggie, one of the Touchers played by Michael Merchant

Following the confrontation the couple checks into a motel for the evening thinking they’re finally going to be romantic for the first time. After changing her clothes Sadie exits the bathroom to find the whole gang of Touchers in their motel room terrorizing Edwin.

The Touchers are lead by Dirk (Trey Harrison), a devious character with a ridiculous mustache, and an intentionally cheesy persona.

She Kills
Dirk is played by Trey Harrison in She Kills

While the gang is in the midst of sexually assaulting Sadie, they suddenly pause and begin acting like a pack of savage gorillas. The crazed animals continue to brutally go to town on Sadie, before turning their attention towards Edwin and ripping him apart.

Though She Kills offers plenty of violence, this low budget film is clearly meant to be comedic as well. The gang’s animalistic behavior was allegedly caused by Sadie’s vagina, which she later learns is possessed by Satan.

She Kills
Jennie Russo stars as Sadie in She Kills

Following the death of Edwin, Sadie confides in a friend and learns to use her demonic vagina as a weapon. She embarks on a rampage of retribution against those who had wronged her, letting her nefarious vagina do her dirty work. One by one she hunts down the gang members and painfully dishes out her unique brand of justice.

She Kills
Sadie gets her revenge in She Kills

The absurd plot and over the top characters make for a humorous experience, but will also make you wonder what the hell you are watching. You’ll obviously need to have a sick sense of humor, and a love for cheesy special effects to fully appreciate She Kills.

She Kills
Reggie regrets the day he met Sadie in She Kills

Other than Sadie, The character of Dirk steals the show with his purposely exaggerated and over-dramatic dialogue and mannerisms. Also because it’s impossible to look away from the horrendous looking mustache.

She Kills
Dirk and his mustache take on Sadie in She Kills

She Kills is raunchy, vulgar, and filthy, and will probably make you question your sanity but somehow I managed to enjoy the freakshow. This is a wildly entertaining bloodbath that combines the bride from Kill Bill with the plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

She Kills
Jennie Russo stars as Sadie in She Kills

This revenge minded love story may not be suitable for everyone due to its shocking content, but if you’re looking for something bizarre, freakish, and eccentric, She Kills is the film you’ve been searching for.

She Kills is currently streaming on demand. You can view the trailers below, and visit their official website for more info.