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Scare Prank at Original Paranormal Activity House is Brilliant

The Horror Equity Fund

Written by John Squires

The long-running Paranormal Activity franchise comes to an end on Friday, October 23rd with sequel The Ghost Dimension, promised to tie up loose ends and answer all lingering questions about the series. The activity began at a suburban home back in 2009, which was the site of this year’s best scare prank.

Director Oren Peli shot the independently-made found footage film in his own home, and the San Diego house went up for sale earlier this year. In a brilliant bit of Halloween trickery, Paramount rigged the house up with various special effects, inviting potential buyers over for a faux open house at the horror home.


What the unsuspecting couples didn’t realize, at the time, is that they had stepped foot inside the infamous Paranormal Activity house – nor did they have any expectation of the horror that was to come.

While at first the activity included swinging chandeliers and malfunctioning electrical devices, the activity got more and more intense as the buyers were taken on a guided tour of the house. Mirrors cracked, blinds slammed shut, and pants were surely shit as the victims fled from the scene in terror.

All of the hilarity – much like the horror in Paranormal Activity – was captured. Find the footage below!