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Are We Saying Goodbye To Found Footage Movies?

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Found footage films are a great way to make audiences feel like that they are in the actual film. They even leave some people feeling sick with the lifelike movement of the cameras. But ever since Paranormal relaunched the found footage point of view are these films losing their touch?


It all started with 1999’s “The Blair Witch Project.” People can fight me and say “Cannibal Holocaust” was the first since it came out in 1979 but let’s focus on the more popular names. People saw nothing like “Blair Witch Project” and believed it was real found footage. It made the audiences feel the character’s pain and put them into the horror film. It became a classic. Horror fans saw a few movies here and there like the found footage but then “Paranormal Activity” started in 2007 and started the fad of found footage.

Some popular ones came out throughout the years like “The Taking of Deborah Logan,” “Creep,” “Cloverfield,” “V/H/S,” and “The Devil Inside.” The list goes on and on depending what you like. But now watching some found footage films I feel as if this is a director’s easy way of making a few bucks. Not saying all these films are like it. Many of them on Netflix just decided to add some sort of possession, demon and teens and they got themselves a found footage film that people will watch at a sleepover.



The film “Unfriended” was also a very different way of kinda using a found footage. Not saying it was the best film but the concept was pretty cool. If you don’t know what that film is. It all takes place over social media and the film is in the point of view of a teenager’s laptop screen. The constant sound of a message alert was annoying throughout the movie and half the time you’re thinking ‘Who keeps all these alert sounds on?’ The film itself fit the cliche of a teen horror film that a few snotty teenagers released an embarrassing video of a girl, the girl ended up killing herself and now that girl wants revenge. “Unfriended” had such a cool point of view but they decided to go with the stereotypical teenage horror movie.

I am waiting for a found footage film that has a good plot and actually will scare me. I remember watching “The Blair Witch Project” and I was blown away by the ending. The film kept you on your toes. I am tired of the movies that they find an old artifact, one of them becomes possessed, the camera becomes shaky and then they all die at the end. I want a found footage film that has a much different plot. “Creep” shocked me. The concept of it was very real and relatable . It added the perfect amount of freaky and scary events and then the end you are throwing stuff at the screen because you couldn’t stand how “creepy” it was.


With today’s new technology many people are waiting on Oculus Rift movies and more virtual reality horror movies. I mean, they now have virtual reality porn. Anyways, can you imagine an Oculus Rift horror movie? I would throwing that thing across the room if I had Freddy Krueger all of a sudden right in front of me. Many Youtubers now have their hands on an Oculus Rift and have already played the virtual reality horror games. It looks pretty awesome since it follows your head movements and who knows what kind of horror movies will come out of it? Are Oculus Rift movies/games going to be the new found footage films?

 Do you think that filmmakers are losing their touch when it comes to found footage films or do you like them? If you want to watch some good ones check out iHorror’s Top 10 Found Footage Films