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Owner of movie car “Christine” proposes to her

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The owner of the only 1958 Plymouth Fury to be fully assembled from the over 20 vehicles used in the John Carpenter classic “Christine,” did something this weekend that may have made him blush more than the car herself.

Bill Gibson, the owner of the hellbent demon on four wheels waited until Halloween to pop the question. With a ring especially designed by “Chrissy Plymouth Jewelers,” Gibson asked the Plymouth to marry him. According to Christine’s Facebook page, her answer was no surprise.

“I said Yes!!!!!” the post states, “What a Birthday Surprise!! I’ve been anxiously waiting 10 years for this!!”

The diamond studded, gold piston wedding set, is beautifully designed and came with a note: “I’ll Forever Love You For The Rest Of My Days.”

The ring! Facebook

The movie’s effects department had to wreck several cars for different scenes in the film. Once the movie wrapped, the scrap was then sent to Bill and Ed’s Junkyard in L.A. where collectors salvaged what they could from vehicles that were used on camera.

Some controversy about the authenticity of the patchwork car circled throughout the Hollywood memorabilia and collectors community. Producer Richard Korbitz is the only known person to have kept one of the intact cars used in the film.

When Gibson got a hold of his reconstructed car, he wanted to authenticate her and sent the VIN number to Chrysler. To his surprise they confirmed the day she rolled out of the factory, her birthdate: October 31, 1957. Halloween.

Christine was recently reunited with her co-stars of the 1983 film in Los Angeles, celebrating a special Blu-Ray edition signed by original members of the cast.

Although there has been no date set yet as to when the nuptials will take place, iHorror  wishes Gibson and Christine the best and hopes we are invited to the reception.