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The Predator: Upcoming Sequel Gets New Release Date

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Despite an up-and-down history of sequels and spin-offs, sci-fi/horror fans continue to hope that one day a new Predator film will come close to the sublime glory of the original 1987 John McTiernan masterpiece. The latest entry into the Predator canon is simply titled The Predator, the hotly anticipated brainchild of respected writer/director and occasional actor Shane Black.

new predator

The man behind recent theatrical action/comedy The Nice Guys, Black played Hawkins in the original Predator film, and has gone on to write and/or direct such memorable projects as Lethal Weapon, Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and of course cult classic The Monster Squad. Plot details on The Predator are still scarce, although Black has confirmed that the titular creature will receive a badass redesign for the film. A return by original hero Arnold “Dutch” Schwarzenegger has also been teased, but not officially confirmed.

Up until this week, The Predator was set to stalk theaters on March 2nd, 2018. In a move sure to please fans, FOX has now bumped the sequel’s release date up nearly a month to February 9th, 2018. This came as part of multiple release date shifts by the studio, although the others aren’t really too relevant to iHorror’s wheelhouse. While less than a month certainly isn’t a huge difference, most are likely to agree that the sooner The Predator arrives to kick the collective ass of moviegoers, the better it is for all involved.