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New 11/22/63 Trailer Wants to Change the Past

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While we may have recently lost a TV series based on the works of Stephen King – that being CBS’ hit and miss adaptation of’ Under the Dome – we’re about to gain another, perhaps better King-based show. Only a little over a month remains until the premiere of Hulu’s limited event series 11/22/63, and the streaming giant has finally seen fit to stop putting out teasers and release a full-length trailer for the masses to salivate over. Check it out below, and read on for a handy summation of what this twisty sci-fi drama has in store.

Based on a 2011 novel by King, 11/22/63 is a time travel tale concerning Jake Epping (James Franco), a man who heads backward in history through an unconventional portal with the primary goal of preventing the world-changing assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Of course, this being a King story, serious complications quickly arise, and threaten to prevent Jake from completing his mission. Among the forces fighting against Jake is time itself, which has no desire to have its natural progression interfered with. As if that wasn’t enough pressure, Jake also finds himself getting swept up in 1960’s life, including a blossoming romance that threatens to derail his progress.

11/22/63 premieres on Presidents Day, February 15th. J.J. Abrams and King himself are on-board as producers. Unlike Netflix, Hulu plans to roll out the episodes one per week, so binge watchers may want to hold off for a bit before diving down this rabbit hole.

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