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Must-Watch Music Video Remakes Friday the 13th Part 5

Written by John Squires

“I fell in love as he murdered you.”

Much like Halloween 3, it’s taken many years for horror fans to appreciate Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, which was initially reviled because Jason Voorhees wasn’t the star of the show. Rather, Voorhees was replaced by copycat killer Roy Burns, a paramedic seeking revenge for the murder of his son. Silly? Sure, but if you just pretend Roy is Jason, it’s a solid installment.

In any event, the franchise’s fifth installment has built up such a fan following over the years that it was just used as the inspiration for a music video, and it’s easily the best one we’ve seen all year. From the band Wolfie’s Just Fine, the song is fittingly titled “A New Beginning,” and the Jon Lajoie-directed vid essentially remakes the death scenes of young lovers Tina and Eddie from the film.

The basic concept is that a group of young kids are watching A New Beginning on VHS back in the ’80s, and in many ways, the video perfectly sums up the experience of sitting on the couch with your friends and watching a gory slasher flick as a kid. We all hold those memories near and dear to our hearts, and we have a good feeling you are going to relate to this brilliant music video.

Check it out below.