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Lee Hartnup’s Fan Art is Jaw(s)-Dropping

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BeachOne would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t seen Jaws (unless you’re Correia), and the fact remains that 1975’s classic of a great white shark stalking Amity Island is almost universally cherished.

That affection certainly comes through in the fan art of Lee “Goatboy” Hartnup, who has been a fan of Jaws since he was seven years and recently shared some of that passion on Facebook.

And it doesn’t take an art critic to know that when you lay eyes on Hartnup’s pieces, well, let’s just say that Steven Spielberg isn’t the only one with an eye for masterpieces.

I play around with art programmes on the computer and decided to mess around with some pictures, making poster scenes and the like,” Hartnup said through direct message. ” Then I got to thinking ‘What would the key scenes look like from a different perspective?’ So I decided to recreate some of the best scenes, make the scope bigger to add atmosphere and in some (cases), replace Bruce with a real Great White.

Seeing Quint meet his end from a new angle certainly conjured goosebumps as the sounds of Robert Shaw’s squealing echoed hauntingly through my head.

QuintHartnup elaborated that “If I could paint like that I’d be worth a mint!” and noted that the pictures were digitally created, born from a lifelong love of not only Jaws, but art of all forms.

I have been doing art for as long as I can remember,” Hartnup said. “Drawing, painting, sculpture and digital.

The Eastbourne, East Sussex resident said the pictures are “an absolute joy” to produce and that he has also been been interviewed by Fangoria magazine for another passion of his, zombie art.

Owning one of Hartnup’s handiwork is not an option at the moment, but that may change.

People are always asking me if there are prints for sale so I guess I should look into it,”Hartnup said. “I think I have enough pictures to do at least six calendars now! What can I say? I love it.”

So do we, Lee. So do we.

You can follow Hartnup on Twitter @Goatboy667.


Bigger boat

Under water

Small boat


Quint poster