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Late to the Party: The Walking Dead

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I am one of those people that never got into The Walking Dead when it first started and then became one of the biggest fans. I tried watching it and was like ‘Okay, this is stupid. I’m sick of zombies’ and I never turned it back on till recently.

For some reason it caught my eye to start watching it on Netflix again so I started season one and ended up being on season three by the end of the week. I couldn’t believe how hooked I was to the show. I wasn’t hooked on the badass fight scenes. I was hooked on the huge character development. I’ll start out with season one.

Side note: I’m sorry if I get confused with seasons or I end up on a completely different topic about this show while writing.


I loved how they focused on the show in the beginning of Rick waking up and he wakes up in a nightmare. Isn’t that everyone’s biggest fear? You wake up and your loved ones and your home is all gone? Everything just gone. Andrew Lincoln (Rick) played the role amazing of being so confused of what was going on. I almost found it humorous when was in his hospital gown and rode on a bike back to his house. It showed the insanity of what the world has come down to.

But the relationship that pulled me in was Shane and Lori. I hated Shane like everyone else. But when Rick came back and Shane started acting jealous and angry with Lori… could you blame him? He thought his best friend died and he tried everything to save him. Then Lori drops everything and goes back to Rick (I mean, I would go back to my husband who I thought I was dead). It’s almost heartbreaking because Shane’s meaning for survival was to protect Lori and Carl and he lost that in a blink of an eye. I’m not even going to defend his actions in the later seasons because he turned into a psychotic, selfish bastard and got what he deserved.


Speaking of Lori, let’s talk about her. She confused me. When she found out that Rick killed Shane she was angry at him then back to loving him then back to hating him and so on. I felt like their relationship would never be the same and it showed throughout the show. I felt like the only reason they were still holding onto their relationship was because of Carl and also the obvious for survival. I do believe that they loved each other but I felt it fading. Lori’s death scene in season three had me crying like everyone else. I couldn’t get over Lori telling Carl “You are going to beat this world. I know you will. You are smart and you are strong. You are so brave.” I was in tears and then the fact that Carl was the one that had to shoot Lori in the head afterwards?! My heart couldn’t take it anymore. But then…I have a dark sense of humor and I found humor when Rick found out of Lori’s death. I could not stop laughing at the part of him yelling “No!” and then he just drops on the ground and then goes on a walker killing spree and from that scene we got the best meme collection.


I know I am avoiding a lot of plot summary and focusing on the characters but good chance if you’re already reading this you are an active watcher. Let’s talk about Mr. Daryl Dixon, since everyone loves him. You all might be shocked but he is actually not my favorite on the show. But I do love him. I like that the show wanted him to be this badass who you know very little about but he knows how to shoot an arrow. I love him because they didn’t make him to be an asshole. They made him to be a very caring guy who only gives a shit about his “family.” He is the one on the show that he’ll say one line and then you’re quoting it for the rest of the season or you’re just like “Of course, Daryl would say that.” He knows how to survive and he’s the one that everyone is waiting for when shit starts going down. I will still always love him for naming Judith “Little Ass-Kicker.”  I am also totally obsessed with Carol and Daryl’s relationship. I know a lot of people “ship it” but I see it as two very close friends. Throughout the seasons they make sexual remarks to each other like the scene when Daryl said “I’ll do down first” and Carol replied ‘Even better.” I laughed pretty hard, and Carol also has those snarky lines that we all love.

The plot in general has not been lame. It is constantly keeping me on my toes. Usually with any other show you get up to season four and think ‘Okay. This show is getting out of hand” but each season keeps getting better and better. I feel like the show just develops with the characters and it doesn’t need to add in filler plot lines.


Anyways, I think you all heard enough of my talking about The Walking Dead. If you all are wondering. I am actually only on season five of it and haven’t caught up. Yes, I have seen all the spoilers but that is not stopping me from watching it. ANY NEW TWD FANS OUT THERE?! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE SHOW?  

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