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After its successful World Premiere Screening at the Horror Hound Weekend Event (winning Best Picture and Best Actor ­ DC Douglas) KILD TV is now set to play at two upcoming major genre film festivals.


First up, is the Toronto International Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, right around the corner on April 8 thru 10, in the Canadian film capital. And, this will be the Canada Premiere for “KILD TV.”

Next up is the Crimson Screen Film Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, May 13 thru 15. Readers of HORROR SOCIETY voted this event their 2nd “Favorite Horror Film Festival” of 2015!

A Special Collector’s Edition is still available on DVD and Blu­Ray from the filmmakers. Go to www.kildmovie.com to order your copy today!!

HHFF Awards Cincy 2016 actor

HHFF Awards Cincy 2016 feature


Excerpt from Horror Hound Magazine:

KILD TV is exactly what the great majority of horror fans want in a horror film … interesting characters, a
mysterious killer, just the right amount of gore, suspense, and a little sex appeal. And, much like its predecessors in the who­done­it subgenre (Urban Legend, Scream, etc), it’s a wild ride that ebbs and flows
between comedy and tragedy. It’s quirky and fun. Plus, paying homage to the reason why so many of us are
horror fans … horror hosts … makes KILD TV unique.