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KILD TV is B-Movie Throwback fun


Late night TV hosts were a huge part of the horror experience for many people growing up. It seemed that every local channel had an over-the-top host who would introduce horror, cult, and B-Movies.

A lot of these movies were cheesier than the host’s own skits but the combination was always fun. KILD TV taps into this world of cable horror double features and delivers a fun mystery filled with blood, guts, and boobs. KILD TV is a fun B-Movie throwback with a Tim Burton-esque feel.

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The Story:

The crew of a local horror movie showcase is used to broadcasting creepy stories of heinous killers, but tonight they are the story, trapped with a real killer inside the studio.

Shot in Texas and produced by Michael Muscal (Bride of Re-Animator), KILD TV does not shy away from its B-Movie inspirations.


All of this is delivered in a whimsical tone that reflects some of Tim Burton’s early works. The filmmakers and cast have a lot of fun with the film and it’s hard not to do yourself while watching it.

No one has more fun in the film than D.C. Douglas (Sharknado 2, Mass Effect 3, Resident Evilas the late night host caught in the middle of a murder spree. No matter what camera he is in front of, either inside or outside the movie, he revels in the role, stealing every scene. His interaction with a cow’s head is hilarious, disgusting, and fun to watch.


In the studio, the would-be victims have to continuously broadcast their live segments in-between the broadcast of the feature film. The focus is shifted here to a handful of people outside the studio watching the live program.

Here we meet a couple enjoying the night’s presentation at home and a cop watching from his squad car. These are nice breaks once the killings start, and the crew is caught with a limited amount of time to show they are in real trouble.


These breaks lead to some of the best moments in KILD TV. The crew/would-be victims try to prove to those on the outside that they are not acting, and what is happening is real. We see the couple and the officer struggle with the idea that they might be witnessing is a real homicide.

KILD TV is a fun movie. Plain and simple. It knows what it audience wants and it delivers. Along the way it treats us to a great murder mystery, tricking us every bit of the way.

Fans of Hershel Gordon Lewis will love this blood soaked murder mystery. The film is unapologetically over-the-top in nature, with nudity, and volumes of blood. It is a great time!

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Check your local listings for KILD TV, coming soon.

KILD TV premires March 1st at Horror Hound 2016.