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Frizzi 2 Fulci Live at MondoCon

Interview with Mondo / Death Waltz, Spencer Hickman

There are few things in pop-culture that are coveted as much as releases from Mondo. From tee shirts to posters to toys, Mondo offers amazing stuff.

This weekend, Mondo is having their second annual MondoCon in Austin, TX. The event features artists from around the world, special panels and screenings, and a lot more.

This year, MondoCon will feature special events and releases from Mondo/Death Waltz Recording Company that are absolutely fucking amazing. “Frizzi 2 Fulci Live” and Umberto ‘Pieces’ Live Score. These two events will feature special live performances from two of the most iconic horror scores.

We had a chance to sit-down with Mondo/Death Waltz Label Manager, Spencer Hickman to talk about some of the events and releases at MondoCon and a closer look at what goes into making of their beautiful vinyl releases.

iHorror: For fans, the Pieces live score and the Frizzi 2 Fulci live events seem to be something that an omnipotent being would conjure. Why and where did the idea come from to make these two happen?

Spencer Hickman: We have been trying to get Fabio over to USA for three years now but have never been able to make it happen, when Death Waltz joined Mondo the stars aligned and it just kind of fell into place, we are all very excited that Fabio will be joining us for MondoCon, as for Umberto I am good friends with Matt , he performed the Pieces re-score for us at Beyond Fest in LA two years ago and I just thought it would be really fun to have him come out to perform this at MondoCon as it is pretty unique and that is what we are all about .

iHorror: What is your personal favorite Fulci film?

Spencer Hickman: Oh man, Zombi 2 has a special place in my heart as it was the first film of his I saw , but I really love both The Beyond and City Of The Living Dead for their lovecraftian atmosphere.

iHorror: The black and white swirl on an Army of Darkness vinyl is just plain awesome. How does Mondo/Death Waltz choose which color each vinyl will be?

Spencer Hickman: It’s a collective process , both myself and Mo Shafeek usually have pretty strong ideas but we aways throw it open to the crew, sometimes it is led by he film sometimes by the art , it’s always different but always fun.

iHorror: What are your top three scores of all time?

Spencer Hickman: No way I can answer this ! It changes daily

Lets see today ….


Star Wars

Zombi 2

iHorror: Could you talk about some Mondo/Death Waltz releases on the horizon that you are excited about?

Spencer Hickman: Not really! This is top-secret information!! Obviously we have all our MondoCon exclusives, which are incredible, and I know will be highly sought after. A few things we have already announced include The New Barbarians with a score by Goblin’s Claudio Simonetti , Twin Peaks & Fire Walk With Me of course are both hugely exciting and we will have news on both of those very , very soon. What I can say is that we have an amazing line up for the last quarter of 2015 and 2016 is looking incredible too. There is a lot of great releases to look forward too

iHorror: There is a huge renaissance of vinyl right now. Where do you think the revitalized interest comes from?

Spencer Hickman: People want physical objects, people are fed up carrying their entire life on a tablet or in the cloud, you can’t invite folks round to your house to listen rummage through your MP3 collection for a listening evening, it ’s nice to have a collection you can show off and I think say Instagram allows people to show of their collection be it records, toys, posters to a wider community at large and is helping build the whole vinyl resurgence that we are seeing at the moment. It’s cool to collect, trade & show off!

For more information about MondoCon and to purchase tickets, go to mondo-con.com/tickets/.