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Interview: KILD TV’s D.C. Douglas

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We sat down with leading man D.C. Douglas to discuss his latest project KILD TV. D.C. has been acting for over twenty years and his resume includes projects like Sharknado 2, the Resident Evil games, and The Bold and the Beautiful with an additional 100+ film/TV credits. In KILD TV he plays late night horror host Milton and his alter ego Dr. Perseco while a mysterious murder kills off his co-workers one by one. We talk with D.C. about playing two sides of one character, cow heads, and voice acting. Time to start the show!


What drew you, as an actor to the project?

 Well, I am an actor and I love to work! That’s number one. In this particular case, the production team approached me with an offer for one of the smaller supporting roles. Because it filmed in Houston and I live/work in Los Angeles, plus travel everywhere for convention appearances, the logistics were proving difficult. But then they came back and offered me the lead role of Milton and I was tickled beyond belief! It was the role I wanted to do when I had read the script earlier. I jumped at the chance, blocked out my calendar and spent 3 weeks in Houston filming it (while also doing voiceover from my mobile studio in the hotel room every morning).

 What were some of your influences for Milton? What about his on screen persona, Dr. Perseco?

Well it’s pretty much baked into the writing! Vincent Price/Alice Cooper for Dr. Perseco and Milton is more a magnification of my own arrogance and cerebral problem solving with a dash of the insufferable self-involved method actors I’ve met through the years.


Did you use to watch late night horror hosts on basic cable?

I did when I was very young, but it was in California and, aside from the lovely and iconic Elvira, the other one was Pat McCormick – a local guy who looked like your favorite uncle. Nothing too scary or cheesy with him (or breast-centric)! Though I credit his show with inspiring me to be an actor when I was 7.

Milton wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for the sake of his show, were you phased by the various “things” Milton had to play with?

Lol! No, I was delighted! I love to get bloody and gooey! I have done several horror films in the past, primarily with The Asylum, so it’s all fun and games.

What was your favorite scene/s to shoot?

As much as I LOVED working with the rest of the cast (they are so fun, talented and just plain good people) I really dug just being Dr. Perseco on-camera within the movie. I could do that persona as a living. He’s just so delicious.

 What is your favorite moment in the movie?

Hey, buddy! No spoilers! But it has something to do with an eyeball…

Preview of D.C.’s favorite scene

Was the cow head used in the movie real? What was the reaction from the cast/crew to the scene?

You know what’s funny? I don’t remember now! I mean, the goo was fake but… It all had to be fake… Then again?… As for the crew, I think their reaction was always “don’t get blood on the camera!!!” Lol!

What is next for you?

I have a few films coming out this year; “Smartass” where I play a pervy guy opposite Joey King. “The Shickles,” which is making its’ festival run at the moment, where I play a dense, disillusioned husband. And a film I helped get off the ground through The Asylum, called “Isle of the Dead,” where i’m the villain opposite Joey Lawrence and former WWF Diva Maryse Ouellet Mizanin (Yes, The Miz’s wife). The film is also a subtle wink to the “Resident Evil” video game fans. Yes, we’re talking zombies, baby! That one should be airing on SyFy this summer.

D.C. voices the english version of Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil series.

Working on anymore Resident Evil games?

If I was a couldn’t say… But I recommend folks get “Umbrella Corps” when it comes out in May…

To keep up to date with what D.C. is doing check out D.C. Douglas’s website and check your local listings for KILD TV!
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