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iHorror Two Sentence Horror Story Contest Winners!

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Mid-September we put iHorror’s first ever writing contest.  The Rules were simple.

  1.  Write a great horror story.
  2. It can only be two sentences long.

Sounds simple right?  Not really.  It’s almost impossible to convey terror or even comedic horror in only two sentences, but our readers went to the mats (or their laptops) and sent us a great selection of original short stories.  So, without further ado, take a look at the best short horror stories from our haunted little book!


The little girl sure does have beautiful eyes.  It’s a shame she had to take them from the neighbor girl, though.–B. Schmalzbach

My son just got his first tooth.  It wasn’t his, and maybe I should have watched him closer at Grandma’s open-casket funeral.–Matt Kaplan

Send help as soon as you get this.  It’s watching me as I type.–Jaren Lewis

In the darkness of the bedroom, the sound of snoring finally stopped abruptly so Tommy closed his eyes and muttered, “I wish I didn’t have a twin brother who snores.”  From the direction of his brother’s bed, a little girl’s voice giggled, “You don’t anymore.”–Daniel W. Kelly

After a rocky start, my father and I now have a great relationship.  My mother, on the other hand, is not too keen on what I’ve been doing with his corpse.–Brandon Hansel

Someone once said that chains don’t hold a marriage together; it is threads, hundreds of tiny threads that sew people together over the years.  And that’s exactly what I told the police right after they cut through the stitches keeping me and my dead wife together.–Layla Cummins

Online dating is SO difficult for women.  It’s hard to tell if a guy will fit in the truck of your car from just profile pictures.–Christine Formosa

I had the house to myself and was lazy to go to the laundry room, so I took off my socks and threw them down the darkened staircase into the basement.  As I turned away, one of them was thrown back at me.–Joanne Walsh

The man had a bad habit of looking in the mirror.  And an even worse habit of not seeing his face.–Chyna J. Parker

Much to our great surprise, a couple of published authors even got into the mix and sent a few stories in for our perusal!

Mark Allan Gunnells, author of Sequel and Halloween House of Horrors offered us this gem:

I promised I’d never hurt her.  So I made sure she was completely anesthetized before slicing into her flesh.

Rob E. Boley, author of the Scary Tales book series sent a couple of great stories, as well.

Tracey sobbed when she realized that she’d sent a text message to her sister–dead for three weeks now.  She screamed when she saw the response: “wish u were here”.

It wasn’t until the plane went down in the Pacific that Jack realized he had the power to return from the grave.  He’s drowned hundreds of thousands of times since, and his jammed seatbelt is finally starting to weaken.

With so many great responses, keep an out eye. I’m sure this is a contest we’ll revisit in the future so keep writing!