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iHorror Paranormal Investigation Goes LIVE on Facebook This Saturday; Join Us

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If you have ever wondered how far iHorror will go to bring our readers the best in bone-chilling entertainment be sure to check out our FREE livestream event coming this Saturday, May 14, at 9 pm (EST), as we go on a live paranormal investigation with the Brooksville Paranormal Investigation Team (PIT).

On Saturday, the crew will investigate what is now the Hamilton County Historical Museum. This 120-year-old Florida landmark was once known as the “Old Jail in Jasper,” the region’s only prison.

Inmates were tried then sent to the facility to await their doom; a hanging if the crime was severe enough.

The two-story brick building was also the home of Sheriff Samson Tavell and his family in the late nineteenth, early twentieth century. They were not only the wardens, but tended to the inmates themselves.

This tower of terror may still have its victims locked down.
This tower of terror may still have its victims locked down.

iHorror will take you into the depths of this historic jailhouse to reveal its hidden secrets and possibly expose a few of the souls who remain in the shadows.

The tower you see in the photo was used as a gallows and many men were marched up the stairs to face a hangman, their doom while citizens took a front row seat to witness the inmates’ death as they swung in the light of dawn.

There are also reports of people who died within the jailhouse, not at the end of a rope, but by their own hands.

Historians say that a woman took her life inside the building, while another report claims that a man mysteriously died amid its steel barred corridors.

Do an investigation live with the The Brooksville PIT
Do an investigation LIVE this Saturday with The Brooksville PIT

You will also be an investigator right along with us as you post things that we may not be able to see. You can also let the team know what you’re feeling, and if we have missed something.

For the first time, iHorror is also inviting you to become a paranormal VIP with a special pre-sale livestream offer.

For $9.99, not only will you receive an exclusive Blu-Ray of other PIT team investigations, a special code will be issued so you can join PIT and iHorror on three other cases streamed live for VIPs.

Only the first 300 participants will get this exclusive code and therefore have access to the live investigations throughout the year.

This is a limited pre-sale offer, so help us in our search for the supernatural and join the iHorror and PIT team explore America’s most haunted places from the comfort of your couch.

All the action of a paranormal investigation is at your fingertips this Saturday for FREE, just click HERE.

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