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iHorror Award Made By World Class Company

Awards season has arrived and that means everyone is vying for that coveted lustrous statuette which recognizes excellence, hard work and determination in the movie business.

It’s looming presence has the power to intimidate those in the industry as its silhouette  grasps tightly to an intimidating  weapon of power; a sharp object symbolizing the battles won and the victims lost putting sense to celluloid.

No, it is not the Academy Award®, it’s the iHorror Award. However there is a very close connection between the iHorror award and the Oscar®. In fact they may have stood side-by-side in the same room at some point.

The 2016 iHorror Award
The 2016 iHorror Award

Sandra Thomas works for R.S. Owens, a company that has been making Oscars® for years.  This year the iHorror Award was given to her to manufacture as well. Although not her first horror award assignment, she was certainly impressed.

“We previously made the ScreamFest Awards as well as the Spike Horror awards.” She tells iHorror. “There may have been an additional one or two before my time. We do feel like this is the cooler award of the horror awards we’ve done.”

Conceptualized by iHorror publisher Anthony Pernicka with the help of Glenn Douglas Packard and Derek Garcia of Sci-Fy’s Face/Off season three, the award went through various stages of composition.

Once the form was finalized by the team, Garcia used his talents to painstakingly sculpt the statue, and the finished piece is what you see today.

However, Pernicka thought the award needed something else. Originally made from a plaster-like material, the horror publisher wanted to make the prize stand among other coveted pieces in the business, both in quality and stature.

For excellence in the horror genre
For excellence in the horror genre

He hired R.S. Owens to cast the distinctive effigy in metal. Thomas says her job was to make Pernicka and his team’s vision a reality:

“Both the Oscar and iHorror awards were already an existing design,” she said. “Typically we will get a request to create an award representative of what the client is looking for, sometimes they can be very specific and provide a sketch that we turn into reality.

“Sometimes they provide us with a logo and ask how we can incorporate it in a design. All depends on what the client is looking for. We can usually come up with a design that works for them. All in the details, the more direction and information the client can provide, the better success.”

Taking the concept to reality is only part of the process. Actors, directors and stars have to hold their winnings and that feeling of accomplishment must also be expressed in the heft of the award itself.

Thomas worked hard on the iHorror award and says anyone who wins will certainly feel its imposing presence as she did.

“The award is a substantial height for a casting…might even be taller than the Oscar. I do believe the Oscar might be a tad bit heavier (the Oscar is a solid metal casting with a metal base) but the weight is comparatively similar.”

We asked Thomas, having seen many designs and concepts come through her studio, if she was genuinely impressed with the trophy:

“I am. I like the design, the height and the prominent horror preference,” she said.

The iHorror Awards are now in their second year. A panel of people choose from the year’s most award-worthy in the genre and the public votes for the winners.

Sometimes, within a specific genre, especially horror, the true artistry and dedication to the craft is overlooked by some of the more widely-known awards ceremonies. Therefore leaving film makers to congratulate themselves on a job well-done.

A selection of 2016 iHorror Awards

iHorror hopes that the iHorror award gives artists the recognition they deserve by handing them a statuette as prominent and distinguished as the ones that have been given out for 88 years.

And knowing that it is handcrafted by the same people who are set to a higher standard, we are one step closer to giving horror film makers the recognition they greatly deserve for years to come.

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