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Ideas For The Most Amazing Halloween Decorations!

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Written by Patti Pauley



October is upon us and it’s time to break out the spider webs, tombstones and Halloween wreaths to get your home ready for the the most celebrated holiday around this place! Chances are if you’re reading this, you are probably just as big a Halloween nutcase as myself. For that, thank you. You are my favorite kind of people.

Many of us like to keep the decor out all year long, but when the season hits we really need to catch some eyes and get creative both inside and out if you want to be the talk of the neighborhood. So here I’ve compiled a list of ideas for your inner interior designer to get crackin’ on that Halloween decorating.



The first thing people that will catch people’s eyes is the doorway. This amazing pumpkin archway is beyond incredible!

Source: Don Morin




The pumpkin arch may be a little difficult to pull off, but a few lace spider webs and  and plastic arachnids paired with lighting can be just as beautifully terrifying.

Source: The Garden Glove




                These floating witch hats that can illuminate are the perfect add on in or outside.

Source: Polkadotchair




You can spruce up that entryway table with a few twisted branches and cobwebs!

Source: EmeraldInteriorDesign





This spookily lit fireplace is just flat out amazing.

Source: TheSeasonalHome



If you do this with your staircase, be sure to invite me over. You’re welcome.

Source: MyCuteHome




The great floating Hogwart’s candles. Really just some paper towel tubes and LED candles, but let’s pretend shall we?

Source: Censationalgirl


A few foam heads from the craft store, cheesecloth and bam. Instant paranormal activity.

Source: InspiringPretty


These creepy ass head in jars would be easy to replicate with some doll heads and netting.

Source: ReasonsToSkipTheHousework




Oh, and don’t forget the all important body bags!

Source: Hauntforums