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Horror Fans Are The Best To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With

Fan Trailer #2 – Nightmare: Return to Elm Street

A lot of people celebrate Valentine’s Day with people they love and then the other people are wishing instead of Valentine’s Day there should be another Halloween. I mean, can I get an AMEN to that?! But horror fans can fine love too and why are we the best to celebrate Valentine’s day? Lemme tell you..


  1. We will eliminate all other competition.  We totally won’t slaughter the other person you’ve been sending heart emojis to. tumblr_mj12lmq9yR1rhvtaoo1_500
  2. All we really want to do is watch some horror movies and chill and laugh at all the blood and guts together. Watching a horror movie with us is very personal because you find out about our true passions. 8-american-psycho-quotes
  3. Our relationship goals are a bit different. We want more Natural Born Killers. I want you to be the Mickey to my Mallory.



4. We’re kinda freaks in the bed. Can you imagine what Valentine’s Day would be like? Even freakier…


5. We’re pretty loyal.


6. Lastly, we will give you the best gifts.