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Horror Coloring Book, That Naughty Pipe, Meets First Kickstarter Goal

About a year ago, horror/dark fantasy author, Rob E. Boley, and fantasy artist, Amy Kollar Anderson, started chatting after sitting on a panel together at the university from which they both graduated.  Rob had been a big fan of Amy’s artwork for years and Amy had started reading Rob’s Scary Tales series and was eagerly waiting on the next book.

It was one of those moments in time where everything lined up perfectly, and two artistic people decided they had to collaborate on a project.  But what kind of project?

“We talked about a graphic novel, but it just seemed like more work than either of us had time for,” Boley says. “It was right at the time when adult coloring books were starting to become really popular.  I think it was Amy who suggested we do a coloring book so I spent some time working on story ideas.  I went through a list of fairy tales I had not used in my books already and really had no intention of using.  I came up with the idea of the Pied Piper, but I had no idea what we could mash the story up with.”

As Boley and Anderson continued to brainstorm, it suddenly occurred to them that gremlins made perfect sense.  It was an “A-ha!” moment that spurred them both into action.  Rob went to work on the story and when it was finished and polished, he handed it over to Amy to begin the artwork.  It wasn’t long before they had a full fledged coloring book on their hands and a plan to get it into print.

As so many do in this day and age, they headed over to Kickstarter.  As of this morning, two weeks into their campaign, they made their first goal and they are so excited that their book is going to print.  The awesome part of any Kickstarter campaign are the perks that come with stretch goals.  As of the writing of this article, they’re sitting at $4214 and you’ll see below the list of inclusions that occur at each of the next levels.

$5,000 – At $5,000 in funding, they will include TWO additional 4×6 colorable Naughty Pipe POSTCARDS with every pledge for a physical coloring book.

$6,000 – At $6,000 in funding, they will include a Naughty Pipe STICKER and BOOKMARK with every pledge for a physical coloring book.

$7,000 – At $7,000 in funding, they will include TWO ADDITIONAL BONUS PAGES to the coloring book—for a total of 27 total coloring pages.

Plus, they do have several NAUGHTY INSIDER perks left that will allow people to have their likeness (or child’s likeness as a gremlin!) included in the final book!  And since we’re all horror fans here, they have got some perks that would include Boley writing a personalized flash fiction horror story starring the backer!

If expert storytelling and coloring time are both your thing, this is EXACTLY the book you’ve been looking for, and I encourage you to support the campaign and order your very own copy of That Naughty Pipe today.  Follow the link to Kickstarter, and watch out for gremlins along the way!