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Ghost Stories Told By The Writers Of iHorror

Everyone has their own ghost stories to tell at the campfire or just to scare the crap out of the children in the room. Some of you may also go out looking for some supernatural things (que Carry on my Wayward Son). giphy (2)

Here are some ghost stories from our SPOOKY staff

“My partner’s parents live in Colorado and on our very first trip up to visit them, they decided to take us to the Stanley hotel (which is the hotel the Shining was based on). As we walked into the hotel, they have this big beautiful staircase. The whole area is beautiful and as I was walking toward one of the big fireplaces in the foyer, a distinguished looking gentleman comes walking down the stairs. He has on a very nice suit and is greeting the guests but they’re not paying attention to him. That’s about the time I looked up at the wall and saw the big life sized painting of Mr. Stanley, who built the hotel and has been dead for decades. By the time I looked back to the staircase, he was gone.” -Waylon Jordan @Waylonvox1

“Girl I was dating, said she was convinced her house was haunted. It made for interesting nights, wondering if I’d see or hear something. Then one night her dog began growling at the foot of the bed, looking at the bedroom door. We both wondered what was up, tried to get the pup to come back up on the bed and relax, then the door opened. On its own. We both just stared. After a bit, I went and shut the door. We went back to sleep. Later, same thing. Dog growled, door opened. She sat up and said, “Look, I don’t know if you’re upset that we’re here or what, but I like this house and I’m not leaving. So we’re just going to have to learn to live together. Please stop.” It didn’t happen again that night, or ever again after that (so long as we were together), but that’s the first.”

Landon also had another story!

“I was a junior or senior in high school, it was late one night, so I went out to grab something to drink from the fridge. I see a woman in an orange night gown walk past and down the hall. I walked around to look down that hall. Nothing. Went around to the living room and the deck. Nothing. Went back to see if one of my two sisters were up, they were both asleep in bed. So I went into my mother’s bedroom and asked if she had just been up. No, watching television. She asked why I seemed confused, even a bit scared — I said “I think I just saw a ghost.” A woman walked past, I was wide awake. No one in the house was either up or moving about. Still don’t know what the hell that was about, but I know what I saw.” -Landon Evanson

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“In the house my husband and I bought, there’s a bedroom upstairs that we refer to as “the creepy kill room” just because the entrance to the creepy ass attic is in the closet. It always gave us a weird vibe, so we never really use it for anything other than storage, and we put guests in any of the other rooms before that one. At the beginning of this summer, a friend of ours moved in with us. He’s a big, goofy ex-Marine, for context. He had come right from Louisiana, and I still wonder if there was some voodoo shit attached to him because as soon as he moved in, things got weird.
The door to the creepy kill room would open and close on its own. At first we all thought one of us was messing with the others, but it became clear that things would be happening up there even while we were all downstairs. I remember one evening when we were all in the living room and we could hear VERY clearly someone pacing around in that room, even though no one else was in the house. It had become such a common occurrence that everyone, even our friend and my husband (also ex-military!) refused to go check it out. We regularly heard footsteps, voices, and on one occasion I stood upstairs fresh out of the shower, and even though I could see every door up there was tightly shut, I heard and felt the wind of every door slamming shut with tremendous force. It was surreal. Right before he moved out, we left our friend home alone for a weekend, and when we came back we found he had tried to jam the door to the creepy kill room shut with a rod before running away terrified to his girlfriend’s place. Since he’s moved out things have quieted down a lot, and I can only assume that Matt had enough bad juju surrounding him to awaken whatever was in there.” -Michelle Zwolinski @mczwolinski

And here is my own ghost story:

“I was sitting at my computer desk when I was around 8 or 9 years old. When suddenly I felt a tug at my shirt. I looked behind me and saw a man in working farm clothes and a baseball cap. I couldn’t scream or do anything. It was like as soon as I blinked, he was gone. I soon found out that we had a man live in our house before my family. He actually died in the house. I later found out that when we would do any work on the house, ‘George’ as we like to call him now, would like to move stuff around on us. George never did any harm to us just likes to mess with us when we do anything new to the house.”