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Friend Request Trailer Brings Terror to Facebook

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Written by John Squires

Be careful who you click with.

As social media continues to become more prevalent in our lives, to the point that it has consumed most of our lives, more and more horror films are using services like Facebook and Skype to tell topical horror stories for the internet age. Recent movies like The Den and Unfriended are prime examples of this growing sub-genre, and up next we’re all going to get a spooky Friend Request.

One simple Facebook decision has deadly consequences in this chilling social media horror film, which centers on popular high school teen Laura (Fear the Walking Dead‘s Alycia Debnam-Carey).

One day, Laura is sent a Facebook friend request by lonely Marina (Liesl Ahlers). Having initially accepted, Laura finds herself being obsessively pursued by Marina and not long afterwards hits the “unfriend” button. But when Marina apparently commits suicide in an online video, Laura’s life takes a turn for the terrifying, and she becomes the victim of a supernatural presence, attacked in her own home by a mysterious force. Is Marina responsible? And why does she refuse to disappear from Laura’s friend list, even as it increasingly diminishes in number?

Striking right to the heart of the social media generation, the film is bound to make you think twice before unfriending that certain someone.

Directed by Simon Verhoeven, Friend Request is getting a UK release on April 22nd, and it’s coming to the US in late 2016.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

friend request